Candy Crush Saga Level 103.

Hints and tips for level 103 Candy Crush Saga
Level 103 has been made significantly harder although the board layout remains the same the way the candies fall down is different.
In the past new candies have only dropped from the side columns, meaning the bombs would fall down into play much easier.
Now candies fall from every column so making it much more difficult to get the bombs into play.
Concentrate on the bomb on the left first by working on the left side of the board and with luck the chocolate will eat the bomb on the right. This will not happen if you destroy chocolate, so be brave and let it grow for a few moves.
If you can make a colour bomb use it on the colour of the bomb which you think you will have most trouble with. If the bombs are the same colour it will make things easier.
Once the bombs are gone keep looking for special candies and combos as you don't have many moves to spare.
Video below
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Below is the previous version of level 103.


  1. Why are video solutions posted, the puzzles are never the same?

    1. I've been wondering the same thing. The videos are no help.

  2. I really disagree; the videos and comments are extraordinarily helpful; yes the initial the display of candies you get is important, but I have learned the basics here such as how to identify and make wrapped candies and the necessity for combinations of candies; I always view one or more videos before I attempt a new level. I look for tips and hints for that level and, thus far, I am going through the levels at a steady pace with little problems [except for three games]. I am an ordinary player, not like the brilliant players I enjoy watching. I did not understand bomb candies, and the many different types of candy except for this website. This is the best source and, if a level has no comments, I know it is easy.

  3. The videos would help if they slowed down JUST A LITTLE!! or maybe add an explanation along with it. totally useless really without some comments and hints

  4. Agreed, The videos w/o explanations aren't really helpful.

  5. I already of course know how to get the special candies but watching someone solve a board that I don't have is useless. How about some strategy tips like...get the bomb first or clear the tops first etc etc etc... Just clearing a board is of no value...

    1. I agree. need to know what to do first to help us get thru the level. gets frustrating to play it over and over again and get nowhere

  6. It appears to me on this video, they focused first on getting specials, then getting the bomb out, and then getting the chocolate out.

  7. If you can't figure out what to do based off these videos and you need someone to hold your hand and talk you through each level, then clearly this game is too difficult for you and you should not be trolling the internet shooting down the people who created a free help site dedicated to this game.

  8. Like it or not, and as the owner of a big website that I started for free, and sold for a mil, if the customers don't like it, they won't come.
    Use complaints as suggestions to make your site better so that one day, you might make this site pay for itself. People don't often make free sites with no further dreams or aspirations.

  9. Hi Millionaire Site Maker/Seller, how are you doin'? (As Joey from Friends used to say!) ;-) Fancy taking me out and buying me lots of shoes, handbags and jewellery?? I think I love you! :-* xxoxx
    PS - just kidding, lol!!! :-D
    PPS - regarding the videos, which I find are not as handy as the written tips, it would help if they were slowed down as everything can move so fast in a game. :-)

  10. i really like this game, although when I go to help I find more often than not it says I need a plug in can someone out there please explain to me what that is?

  11. Took several attempts need to move bomb down quickly then be lucky with combinations since there are not that many moves.


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