Candy Crush Saga Level 102.

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3 star video No Boosters.

Tips from Adrian.
102 is a combination of tips elsewhere.
(A)     remember your goal is JUST to get the fruit down, so focus on this. 
Vertical line blasts are really good for this, as are certain combos. 

(B)         The chocolate will spread UNLESS you 
destroyed at least one block the go before. 
So try and keep it in check / get rid of it all especially with well placed combo. 

(C)         lines-of-three will NOT do this level, so just focus on making / using specials / combos and if you can't,on moving the fruit down. 

(D)        Once a bit of fruit drops off screen the next usually drops in the gap you create at the 
 top after your next move, so if possible, make this in an "easy" place ie. not above choc/licorice etc. 

(E)       Keep the bombs in check. 

(F)       If the bottom bit fills up with choc you may as well give up and start again.

For more Tips and game strategy look at the menu 

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maybecee said...

I'm having a lot of trouble with this level, I'll try to stay more focused!

Matt Ganzak said...

I stopped worrying about trying to get rid of the chocolate in the bottom and I focused on getting good combos. This helped me beat Candy Crush Level 102

Anonymous said...

It has been impossible for me because 2 or 3 moves and its over,a second it seems so. Why do I only get 1 or 2 moves and its over? Anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous said...

This is the worst level so far...I get combos but the bombs always go off before I can get all the fruit to the bottom...frustrating!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You wore out my patience. Have tried and tried, and there is no way I can destroy the bombs on time. Secondly, I am retired and on a fixed income, so I cannot be buying boosters all the time. I can't get all the fruits down on time. Sorry, but I'll have to quit.

Anonymous said...

Yup this one is trying my patience also.... May quit too

Anonymous said...

This one is not so difficult after all. You can try and remove all the chocolate, but the chances to succeed are pretty slim. There's a better way to do it. The tip above to quit when you can't keep the chocolate in check is crap. Don't worry about the chocolate at all. Try to erase some licorice with your first move (if you can't do so, quit and start anew before you make your first move, it won't cost you a life then). Just let the chocolate spread and focuse on making vertical stripes in the column your fruits are. The stripes will shoot the cherries and nuts straight through the choc. Combos also help. Wrapped candies alone and horizontal stripes don't help much, unless they are in the bottom half.

Anonymous said...

When I'm done with the friend helps I will be deleting the game. I have don't believe you should have to be stuck for days on one page. Good bye candy crunch it's been fun but I'm DONE.

Jake Cake said...

if you get lucky with making special candies, don't use them until you can drop them to the bottom, this will help you eliminate the chocolate faster. If that doesn't help, then you can get some good Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 102

christine lorencz said...

My picture on level 102 in candy crush is different when it loads, i do not have candy in the bottom going across nor do i have chocolate going across. what ups with that

Jerry Skelley said...

WHAT chocolate????
Candy crush Saga Level 102 on iPad.
WHAT chocolate???

Bill. said...

Very tedious only completed with the aid of rollers from bonus wheel.

Anonymous said...

Why do some people have chocolate on this level and some of us don't. I do not have chocolate. It.s very hard!!!!