How to use Candy Crush Saga Boosters

Candy Crush Saga has several boosters that can be bought with cash or won from the daily booster wheel or from the sugar drop challenge.
They become available to you as you move up the levels..
Here's what they are and when you can start to use them.
For a more detailed post on each booster click on the links.

First comes the Lollipop Hammer booster at level 6.
You can use this to smash any square, Candy, Jelly, cream etc. But it only smashes ONE level, If there is jelly under licorice, for example, it will remove the licorice but won't touch the jelly only use it on your last layer of jelly.
The lollipop hammer will now also grow popcorn and will remove a section of a cake bomb. In later levels when you meet the Evil Spawners (magic Mixers) it will also give you one strike on them too. You can use it to set off any special candy or unlock a candy from licorice.
To use the lollipop hammer, click or tap on the booster icon for the lolly, then click or tap on the candy you want to remove. Take care to get the right candy as it's easy to miss and waste the lolly if you are careless.

Next is the 3 free moves, which appears after crushing level 7. This booster speaks for itself..

Third is the Jelly fish at level 8.
When matched with other candies the jelly fish turn into 3 fish which each smash a jelly.
Useful if you are down to the last jellies. Switch with other special candies for better results.
Switch a jelly fish booster with a colour bomb to give treble fish, a stripe will give three striped fish and with a wrap will give three wrapped candies.

After level 12 comes the Colour Bomb.
With this booster you can start the level with a colour bomb on the board...
Can give you a good start on levels that need it.

After level 14 is the Coconut Wheel.
This is a very powerful booster.
It can clear huge chunks of the board by turning into striped candies and exploding.
There are many uses for the Candy Crush coconut wheel booster, it is a very powerful booster and we have a page with detailed instructions on how to use the coconut wheel.

After level 26 comes the Extra Time booster.
This can be used to add 15 seconds onto the time on timed levels. Useful if you have trouble with speed!

When you complete level 34 you can buy or win the 
stripe & wrap booster.
This gives you a striped candy and a wrapped candy at the start of the game, however they are not always side by side.

When you pass level 98 you will be able to purchase the Bomb Cooler booster. 
This adds 5 to the count of all visible bombs on the board.
Useful if you've nearly completed a level and a bomb is about to blow!

After level 130 comes the Lucky Candy Booster.
This adds Lucky  candy's, with a question mark on, which turn into something useful when matched..

On later levels you will also see mystery candies on the board, but these can turn into bad, as well as good, things.

This page was written with help from Mandi Szam and other Candy Crush players.


  1. I bought a coconut wheel. When can I use it because it has shown up yet.

  2. have you got a tick by it, press it to make sure the tick is showing

  3. I have never gotten any boosters ever... i thought you could only get them by purchasing them... then my husband started playing on his Facebook account and he talks about getting all these boosters, I have never earned or won or even seen a single one before... what gives?

    1. you can purchase booster or get it free on pc version but not on mobile purchase

  4. I'm using the mobile app on android an after beating levels 6, 7 & 8 each time gave me free boosters. Doesn't give anymore until level 33 or greater. U most likely used them an didn't even realize it, as I did my 1st time playing. Hope this helps!

  5. Bomb coolers are available at level 97 on my ipad.

  6. Level 182- I bought Color Bombs because I am seriously stuck at this level...where do they shopw ?? They are not on top with the boosters.....

  7. People: never ever pay for anything in Candy Crush Saga!!! It is just a scam trying to get your money. If we all band together like a union and refuse to buy things, they will quit charging for them. But as long as some of us will pay, they will keep charging.

  8. You can get 3 free moves or free lives anytime - just ask your friends to send you some, and you send some to them. This blog has a button where you can join up and get more friends - all those folks can give you free stuff. On the mobile version the lives and 3-moves get saved into an envelope and you can open it up to use them any time you want to. I don't know if you can use them on the PC version.

    Oh - if you set up BOTH mobile and PC version, the Full lives doesn't synchronize. You can play your 5 lives on the PC, then open up Candy Crush on your mobile and play 5 more lives. By that time, maybe 30 minutes (or more) has passed and you can go back to the PC and play some more.

    In the PC version, you can get some free stuff if you are willing to do some extra work - for example, when you have played all 5 lives and you try to play the next one, it tells you that you have run out of lives. One of the options is to play one of the other King games - Bubble Witch, or some Puppy thing, or whatever. It will tell you that if you play 8 levels of that game (VERY EASY), then you will get a full set of lives AND some free bonus. The last thing I got was 10 of the Lollipop crusher things. Now I have that icon at the top of my game board and I can activate it any time I want to.

    Not sure if you can do that stuff on the mobile version.


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  10. From you start waiting for tickets after you have done 155 you will unlock the bubblegum troll... stop those chocolate factory for 5 moves...

  11. Last week I got the spinning wheel for one free boost per day. Yesterday it disappeared?? A friend of mine still has hers so any clue why I lost mine?

  12. How do you claim and activate a booster after your spin?

  13. My girlfriend lost her booster-wheel.. Do anybody know how to get it back? I still have my wheel. I hope someone out there has figured out the answer to this one..

    1. Close out of the game..all the way..hit back till it says end game....then go to open apps on phone to insure its candy crush you should see the wheel..the key is to make sure you log out all the way...

    2. In addition to logging all the way out...the key is also to be logged into facebook..hope this helps

  14. I spin the bonus wheel, get my daily booster but it does not add itself to my boosters. It was working until 2 days ago. Can you help. Thanks

  15. I got 2 boosters on the wheel, the circle with a check.mwhat does it do? Imdo not want to click on it & waste it.

  16. I am getting a screen thay says claim reward on level 191. It is blocked and will not respond or let me play on. What is this?

  17. I've been playing CC for 2 years at least and I thought I knew everything about CC and boosters but apparently not :( When I chose to use any booster, it does appear at the start of a level. What I don't know is after I use it, will it appear again after so many moves or what must I do to make it appear again? Thanks anyone...

  18. I have some gold nugget busters I won how do I use them?

  19. I had more than 500 boosters all together , which I played sweet drops n earned ... All of a sudden I have o on all boosters !!!! How did that happen , it has made me furious !! Who do I take this complaint to ?!!! Will someone pl advise me ! I wish to stop playing this game now 😡😡

  20. How do you use the helmet booster?


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