Mystery Candy Booster

How to use the Candy Crush Saga mystery candy Booster.
At level 130 you will unlock the mystery candy booster.
It's a pink candy with a tick on see picture.

You can only use it on "collect Orders" levels.
When it appears on the board it can be any colour candy but it will have a check mark on it same as the picture.

When you match it with other candies of the same colour it will turn into something useful to you.
In the picture above I have an orange mystery candy which I will match with the two orange candies to give......
A wrapped candy...

The images are from level 336 for which I need to match stripes and wraps and make a colour bomb...It is possible that if I get another mystery candy it may turn into a colour bomb..
You will get several Mystery candies falling during the level and they will always be useful.


Candy Crush Online said...

Thanks for the tips CC saga is very cool game everyone likes it. Some people likes to play it on FB others online.

Anonymous said...

What is the flat chocolate in this level and what so you do with it

Anonymous said...

How do you figure a mystery candy that turns to a timed bomb is useful? I have lost games over his as I was unable to stop the bomb before it went off.

Anonymous said...

336 was awesome. Get a color bomb and eliminate a color and you'll likely get another color bomb, then eliminate the next color. I kept doing this and getting bombs. I lost track of how many color bombs I got, but my score was 1,049,000.
Good luck! PM