Candy Crush Saga Level 406

How to pass level 406 Candy Crush Saga
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  1. End of the line for me. This level is impossible :(:(:(

  2. It would help if the ripoffs at King didn't make it shuffle on the First move of this level every time and take a move away from you. That's a pile of BS

  3. This level was NOT nasty or impossible.

    How can people get to this level and still be complaining that it's too hard? Re. the game shuffling - it does that when were are NO moves.

    After using all the pink wheels/life savers, I was able to combine the two speckled bombs and make a lot of progress. Also, getting a third speckled bomb allowed me to finish off the game.

    Good luck!! PM

  4. typo above: Re. the game shuffling - it does that when there are NO moves.

  5. I re-thought my strategy and got it on the first try after doing so: As I uncovered the lifesavers (pink candy) I used them one by one (not always the best use, but you'll see why), but didn't use any of the speckled cookies, and made sure not to activate them when using the lifesavers. This kept the chocolate at bay and left me with two speckled cookies, side by side, which I activated with each other. This cleared the board. While I paid no attention to the status of the nut and cherry order until this time, it left me with only two cherries to bring down which I was able to do, with no problem, with the remaining moves I had. I hope this helps you!! Aloha from Hawaii...

  6. I got this on the 2nd life..what was so hard??? I'm with the other got this far and now you want to give up..I guess u r the same that make that comment level after level.

    I released one wheel at a time on each side..then 2 wheels together which in turn created a whole line of wheels across the left the speckled choc in tact..I had two cherries left by this time..and used only one to remove one color blocking one cherry!! it was easy as 3 stars and 2 lives!!
    I have found this section not challenging as yet and as I had to pay to unlock I don't mind hard....please guys...get a grip and use the skills that got u this far!! the end of my rant...makes me angry is all!!

  7. I found that when it reshuffles right off the bat, it helps. The first ingredient ends up on top of the left column of chocolates instead of being trapped above the whip cream. This makes it so much easier to get the ball rolling. Use up those candy wheels but try not to destroy your chocolate balls, unless you can mix a wheel and a chocolate ball.

  8. Hello,

    I already finished this level
    and now on 409 level
    2 level again will finished and wait again update from KING

    Keep Spirit

  9. Wow, thanks everyone! I did what a few of you said and used the donuts one at a time in the sides to preserve the 2 chocolate speckles, then I used them together to clear the board. From there, I only had 2 cherries left, which was easy! Thank you so much!

  10. Not that difficult release a wheel then speckled then more wheels.

  11. After reading above comments... I think its just luck... I got all fruit down in one side using each wheel an speckles while the other side grew chocolate still had 15 moves left to!! just love it!!

  12. Tricky level. You need to know how to make the best use of the wheels. It took me about 10 lives to figure out!

  13. Well I thought the same, that it was impossible until I read these comments properly - I used the first coconut wheel on left which cleared the rows and dropped one cherry down - did the same for the next which dropped - then combined choc ball with wheel and that brought two others down etc etc - I'd been too busy trying to make 3s and 4s beforehand and hadn't used wheels properly until then. It was actually easy as others have said - I got 3 stars yay - good luck.

  14. This level is not particularly hard. I completed it with 26 moves remaining using about 5 lives

  15. A very neat and easy level actually!
    On my first life, what i did wrong was used a lot of moves to bring one ingredient down-very tedious! Then started using coconut wheels whenever.
    On my second life i rethought my strategy and rewatched the videos. Here are some tips:
    * Unfreeze 1 coconut wheel on the side where the first ingredient is, to remove the chocolate. Bring the wheel up to make horizontal stripes and remove the chocolate.
    * After all the wheels and the 2 color bombs are unfrozen, make coconut wheel + coconut wheel combo it will produce vertical stripes all over the board. In the process hope a few ingredients will be cleared
    * When the board and some ingredients are done, you can start combining the 2 chocolate balls make a combo and eliminate all candies and ingredients on the board.
    * After i passed the level, i just played and figured out what coconut wheel combos do: correct me if im wrong
    Coconut wheel + normal candy = 3 stripes
    Coconut wheel + striped candy = all rows/ columns into striped candies
    Coconut wheel + wrapped candy = all rows/ columns into wrapped candies
    Coconut wheel + color bomb = striped candies in the entire board go of together
    Coconut wheel + Coconut wheel = 2 sets of striped candies that will go of after another
    Good luck! - LEI

  16. Another stinky level. I am waiting again for the lucky board that will give some decent moves to enable me to complete this level. Shame it always comes down to this. Bring back the fun levels!!!

  17. I have tried all the aove tips and still no luck with this level. A number of times there are no moves for ages on the side that the chestnut is on to even begin to get them down. It is going to take a lot of luck once again to get that board which will allow the moves to be made.

  18. Totally doable.. manage to complete in 7 tries.

  19. Took about 5 tries. I did try the wheels one at a time, but eventually paired a wheel with a color bomb. Then used two wheels together.

  20. Was very frustrating level for me as the videos I watched always put the first ingredient to the right or left of the multi block up top. On mine, it kept showing above that block for some reason, so unless I hit that block multiple times, the ingredient never fell, and by this time I used up all my wheels. This made it impossible to bring down the others ingredients. I don't know why this kept occurring, but if you get a board where this happens, just restart til the ingredient isn't in that position. After that stopped happening, I cleared the board on second try, using above tips. I use an ipad. Another note, if for some reason near the start, if you can't help getting your wheels blown all at once, just restart also.

  21. I found a new strategy that worked
    the side that has the first item to drop, drops all the fruit, so let the chocolate pile on the other side. and work with the wheels when needed......

  22. Ok, I will keep trying! I don't pay that much attention to strategy. Just move as moves are given, so this one sucks.

  23. Great tips!

    I scored the first two fruit using the coconut wheels within the first few turns.

    Then I combined the two choc sprinkles immediately after, which scored another two fruit for me.

    That left me with 30 turns and two fruit remaining! Bliss. Getting the next two fruit was easy (but I do think I got lucky with those two)

  24. How come the coconut wheels sometimes wraparound but sometimes they don't? It must be something I'm doing, but I don't know what.

  25. I was helped by Wendy's clue (17 Jan. 2014) to exit the game immediately unless the first ingredient was NOT lodged right above the multi-layered block up top. It's ok if it's lodged above a chocolate to the right or left of that block. As someone else said, moving a single wheel up the rows is more useful than moving it sideways across the columns. Whenever there are no other good moves, combining two wheels clears a lot of the board, or combining a wheel and sprinkled chocolate ball - reserve those moves for use as needed!

  26. Another B Sheet level for me! I read ALL the comments--and tried the methods--and still no luck. Well--almost made it-needed 2 more moves--and didn't pay for extra moves--so--I suppose you crushers that pass this so fast and easy like-must pay for boosters or those specials that come around....cos when I do --levels are easier and faster to get through it seems!!!! B Sheet !! Maybe I'll pass it after 150 times--I'm about ready to quit forever! Rewards are few!!!!!!


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