Tips for level 165 Candy Crush Saga

Here are some really good tips from an anonymous player who wrote them here in the comments.
Thank you whoever you are and I hope you enjoyed your scotch! 

This level was the toughest I have faced so far. I’ve been on it for 3 months and I know I've played well over 500 games. I passed it today. I’m going to buy a 12 year old bottle of Scotch after work and celebrate.
 Before I do, however, I thought I’d share my thought on this level. Just in the “for what it’s worth” department. Now, I'm not by any means an expert on this game but here's what I “think” I know about this level and it's the strategy I used to finally beat it.
 First, some games (likely most) are losers and you never have a chance. The game just isn’t going to give you what you need to win. You just have to suffer through them. Suffer, suffer, and suffer some more. 
Second, you have to blow a lot of stuff up to have any chance at collecting enough blues. 
Over the months, my strategy developed into this: try to make as many special candies as I could, as fast as I could, and use them as quick as I could. I know some say to save one special candy to combine with another, but I only did that when I could see the other one was likely. I didn’t save it hoping for a pairing to come. If a pairing wasn’t in sight, I blew the one I had ASAP. I don’t think you’ll ever get enough blues to win if you don’t blow up special candies 
(and lots of them). 
Next, I killed timed bombs as soon as I could. Again, others say wait as long as you can and focus on blues, but when I did that it always seemed I was not in position to kill them before they blew. I just got to where I didn’t wait. A dead time bomb is a good time bomb. 
Next, you have to keep check on the chocolate. It can’t get too high and it can’t cover too much of the top. Both hurt you because it limits new candies falling. I noticed, however, that if I blew the special candies as soon as I made them, the chocolate was never a problem because the explosions kept it down. 
Everyone says, “Kill blues” and I agree, but with a catch. If I had a choice to make a special candy or collect three blues, I made the special candy first (and blew it if possible), then, if it was still there, I would collect the three blues. Reason: most of the time blowing the special candies will collect the blues for you, plus, more new candies drop down from blowing the specials than the three blues. 
Finally, don't worry about the yellow and greens. If you get close to collecting enough blues, you will have already collected enough yellows and greens. 
Well, that’s the strategy I worked out over three months and, in my opinion, it gives you the best chance to beat this level short of cheating. If you’re going to cheat – why play? Anyone can buy items to beat a level but what have you accomplished when you do? To those who are struggling with this level – hang in there and I hope this helps.

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John Robbins said...

Yea I play ur game its cheated me 4 or 5 times on level 63.and I contacted u and you have done nothing. This game is a rip off .sense u don't want to do nothing .I will put something on Facebook and on the web.

Mary Immel said...

Why can I no longer ask friends for lives when I am out...Only offers me playing a different game or buying lives....

Admin said...

This site has nothing to do with the developers of this game.. If you have a problem and wish to contact the developers please do so either through the game on FB or there is a link on the right of this page where you can contact them

Anonymous said...

I've had it. Been playing for over 3 weeks, followed all the tips to no avail. Going to look for another game that doesn't stress me.

Anonymous said...

To top it all, I have to type in the stupid message. What's your job? Making customers feel miserable, well you are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

To top it all, I have to type in the stupid message. What's your job? Making customers feel miserable, well you are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...


Bill. said...

You need a good start with a few blues then keep making combinations and keep at the blues. Did it after thirty attempts.

Anonymous said...

This is the first level that took me more than two days to do - the worst since level 70. In the end here was my "strategy".
1. Clear as many spaces on each move as possible - i.e. ignore the colour. Clearing chocolate counts as a space.
2. Use specials as quickly as you can. Not worth it waiting around for a big combination. When I got it out I only had one special combination.
3. Specials made out of blue are really useful. I had three. Each blue special you make creates another blue for theeh board.
4. If you can put off using a move to explode a bomb do so. They might go away on their own.

Effectively you are trying to make as many candies as possible. The targets to collect are a side effect.