Candy Crush Saga Level 410 New Version

Here is the video made on 8th September after the layout of the board was changed slightly..

It's a little easier now as there are two columns of jelly down to the bombs instead of one as before.
At the moment this version is only available on PC and Laptop.

Mobiles still have the old version until they are updated.
No Boosters.

Video By Cookie.
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  1. Good for all the people who are still stuck at this level, but why didn't they change this level before the summer? (been stuck here all summer)..

  2. Ok, to get through this level I initially concentrated on the middle to drop a licorice down over the chocolate maker, this stopped the chocolate from coming out, then I would eliminate the bombs. After this is was just a matter of making combos - a freckle with a strip would help a lot. Once u stop the chocolate from coming out with a licorice its not as hard as initially thought. Good luck.

  3. YES FINALLY!! Ok I've been stuck on this for weeks and just beat it easily using the free fish I got on the wheel spin! Grrr wish I had tried it sooner! You get heaps of fish throughout the whole level who clear jelly and also wiped out a couple of my bombs...good luck peeps! It can be done! D

  4. Time for a comment. I've hated chocolate for so long but at this level, I absolutely despise it! Do away with the chocolate at some level!!!

  5. Frustrated with the stripe bug on ipad. Have noticed this since owl update. Had a stripe on the board one line down from a pkg/stripe combo. When I put the pkg and stripe together, the stripe did not blow as it should have' and was in the exact same spot as before blew combo. This bug is really frustrating as I lose jelly clearing which is crucial to pass these levels. PLEASE FIX THIS!

  6. Please someone with some tips to pass this awful level!! Stuck...

  7. Not many comments here for such a difficult level. I think many people must have been desperate and bought extras.I bought 10 extra (groan) moves and I needed a hand. I didn't have any left so I had to buy three very expensive ones, but it was worth it. Next level is easy, fun and quite different so don't give up yet!

  8. I think the tactic is to block the chocolate maker. You need luck to get rid of the bombs as well plus general luck. I've not spent anything yet but I have passed the odd level by using my free daily spin bonus candy. This is my first full day at this level and so far the lucky board has not arrived but I have got within a few jellies of clearing the lot.

  9. Hard level. Fishes booster helps a lot. Focus on releasing stripes in upper left and right corners to help kill the bombs.

  10. I want to cry, sincerely I've been stuck in this nasty level FOR MONTHS, I can't handle this no more, it became so frustrating. I just tried it all.


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