Candy Crush Saga Level 465

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Tips for level 465 Candy Crush

If you can open the gap at the top more it will be easier to release the fruit from the top left and right.. Vertical stripes will help, or stripe, wrap combos..
You only need to release one side and both the fruits will come down.


  1. I only opened one side, and both fruit dropped from the same side. I spent the time waiting for the fruit to open up, clearing a path beneath it. It was then easy and I beat the board in three tries.

  2. First try beat it!
    I am lucky to get a color bomb and color bomb combo, which cleared all the jailed candies. Then another color bomb and stripped cleared the fruits.

  3. Took about 10 goes - as above focus on clearing the top cup cakes to get the space to make the combos required to clear the cages

  4. Two fruit from one side. Chocolate bomb plus stripe did the rest.

  5. Playing on the Iphone I am unable to open this site up on my phone any more starting today. Won't let me move the screen from right to left to find the game levels numbers.

    I thught okay I got it made I had two chocolate sprinkles side by side and I hit them together it opened up the right hand side dropped one cherry down and did not drop the other chery until the left side opened all the way.

    All my other attempts both cherries fell from the same side.

    I think CC didn't like the fact that I managed to get to Chocolate sprinkles side by side. LOL

  6. I did the same as Bill. A color bomb mixed with a stripe pushed both fruits down. I guess I was lucky.

  7. Third try was the charm. I agree, work just 1 side, a couple of combo's and done. Next lol

  8. a striped and a package did it for me, worked one side only and both fruits came from the same side!

  9. Did it on the fifth try, and with no combos, just conventional three-candy melds and a couple of striped candies that opened up the locked candies. Worked to widen the top to bring down more candies, and then concentrated on one side. Dropping the second cherry involved a series of three-candy melds down the left side, and it somehow worked.

  10. I spent way to much time trying to clear the top row of creams when I should have been clearing the way to allow the fruits to drop down and escape ..thanks for the tips guys ,im away to clear the board ..hopefully :)

  11. Another relatively easy level. I love the ones where you can go forward!

  12. hey there.
    i have this problem with this level:
    the cherries are not coming! when i have only 1 turn left, on the right meringue the first cherry comes out! and when i still make the cherry drop, i have no turns left and the second cherrie falls out of the left meringue! i played ca. 30 times this level. whatever i tryed, its always the same! even when i cleared the whole board with 20 turns, so i had 30 turns left to try to get the fucking cherries out of them! but…NO! always the same!
    i think its a bug or something.
    do you mayby have a smart tip for me what i can do?!
    thank you so much

  13. Hey, i have the same problem, the cherries don't fall even when the way is clear, what should i do please ?

  14. i have the same problem, please help me to pass the level.

  15. same here - cherry doesn't drop till i only have 1 turn left.

  16. damn! aahhrrgg!! nobody there who can HELP us????

  17. OK - i was finally able to get it. I was frustrated because the cherry didn't come down till there was 1 turn left. i set it up so I had a colorbomb next to a stripe at the end. The cherry came down with 1 turn left - I hit the bomb into the stripe & that cleared the whole side to pocket the cherry & the 2nd one followed right behind. I only got enough points for 1 star - i'm sure getting 3 is nearly impossible - but you can definitely get past this level (it's not a glitch). took me about 2 days to get thru. Hope that helps.

  18. Ik zit al 14 dagen op level 465. kom er niet door , de eerste kers/noot valt in de laatste zet . Verschrikkelijk. Weet iemand de oplossing of is er een probleem???


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