Candy Crush Saga Level 532

How to pass level 532 Candy Crush Saga
No Boosters
Video By Cookie.
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Tips for level 532 Candy Crush
By Leslie Tiffi B.
Make horizontal striped candies and keep them . 
Whenever the ingredient travels to the rightmost column (the dropping column), activate a horizontal striped candy to lower it down. 
After the two ingredients are successfully away from the conveyor belt, make more candy combos to bring them to the exit.


Bill. said...

Need careful timing to get fruit to drop down then chocolate bombs very useful with coloured striped candy in right hand column.

Anonymous said...

I honestly had to watch the video on this one, after my first attempt. The ingredients never went down the side and it had my stumped. After watching the video, I realized what needed to happen. Wrapped candies with horizontal stripes are the best because they move the ingredients down two places instead of one. Once I figured that out, I was golden!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't figure it out at all. After reading the above tips I got it first time, easy. Thanks so much for the help, think it would have taken me ages otherwise. Liking this new conveyor belt feature, better than time bombs and chocolate any day! Good luck everybody, it's really not hard when you "get it". Susie.

MichelleDV said...

Certainly need strategy with this one. The tips are great! Once you have both fruit in the vertical part of the conveyor, aim for stripe wrap combos or sprinkle stripe combos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info, got it first time after reading the above !