Candy Crush Saga Level 591

How to Pass level 591 Candy Crush Saga
Tips by Cookie.
First you need to get rid of the chocolate as it will severely hamper you if you let it take over too much.
Then make as many combo's as you can, colour bomb/stripe combos are good for getting rid of cream, licorice and jelly. 
Stripe/wrap combos are also useful on level 591.
Video below.


  1. The bottom left & bottom right are the difficult to break thru the jelly for this level; try :
    1. do not open the cell below the top left & top right dispenser coz the licorice will fall after u break the cell;
    2. try mix the colour bomb with strip candy possible WHERE colour candy in the bottom left & bottom right cell ARE the same colour coz it will turn to strip candy then do lot of damage for those difficult cells;
    3. mixing of 2 colour bomb together won't help at this level coz after u doing that, lot of licorice will fill up the empty cell - u will hate licorice for this level;
    4. each time breaking any number of licorice; the dispenser will NOT release any more licorice; try to prevent licorice falling down to block your way;
    5. strip n wrap candy combined won'y help much - IF either not near by the bottom left / bottom right ; or licorice is blocking the way;
    6. free lollipop hammer is useful if the board is left 1 or 2 unbreak jelly;
    Good Luck!

    1. Im waiting for 591 to open. ..its just a tool n says new episode coming soon. How'd every one else play?

  2. There was an update on June 22...update isn't working!

  3. I'm not getting new levels either on iOS wtf

  4. I'm not getting them on my iPad, anyone have any answers?

  5. The 6/22 update only added levels to dreamworld on ipad I think. Still done with 590 and waiting for more on ipad myself.

  6. Not to bad, try to avoid dropping the liquorice until late as possible, there were plenty of combinations available.

  7. I had an up date from CC this morning which I have downloaded but have still not been able to move onto 591! It looks as though Bill has managed it, am I doing something g wrong or is anyone else having this problem?

  8. Don't have 591 yet on Android.
    Is it just me, or am I the only one not being able to pass 591 on Facebook? Must have tried 100 times by now...

  9. Just got update today for 590 and beyond,

  10. Easy level one shot done! Easy to make lots of combos including choc sprinkles/stripe

  11. You know, I've mumbled under my breath about King about near-impossible boards. But I'll give them credit on this one. It's interesting enough that I don't mind taking a week or two to actually get it down.

    That's to say I haven't yet, though I've gotten close. The way I look at it, it's a game of two combos: Colored/stripe and wrapped/wrapped. Those are the two things that are going to get rid of the most trouble.

    Especially important is getting enough wrapped/wrapped combos to wipe up the lower corners, because chances are you'll never get the chance to take them out any other way.

    Good luck.

  12. My goal was to play 500 levels which I did. I tried to give up after that but the thrill was still too great, until the last few episodes where my interest started to wane due to the ridiculousness of many levels. I finally decided Gummy Gardens would be the last for me. So, I didn't move into the next episode. Today, I decided to play level 590 again - I liked that one. Guess what! King sent me a tooth fairy who moved me into this current episode! So now I've played 901. If I stop playing again I wonder what they will do to lure me back in again.

  13. I found that the best strategy for beating the level is to combine two candy balls early in the game. :)

  14. This level is impossible. I mixed two color bombs side by side and 6 color bomb + stripped combos and still had at least 3 left at the end!


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