Candy Crush Saga level 601

How to pass level 601 Candy Crush Saga
Level 601 needs a bit of planning to get the ingredients down the exits.
There are only 3 exits, which are in the middle of the board. The ingredients are released either end of the board at the top.
The conveyor will take the ingredients around in a spiral once you drop them from the dispensers.
You need to get matches under the ingredients as they pass over the exits, vertical stripes or stripe/wrap combos will do the job.. Colour bomb/stripe combos are more difficult and more unpredictable, but may work if one happens.
Don't let them pass over the exits more than once or you'll run out of moves before you complete.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

I keep missing this by one ingrediant. Been stuck for several days.

Also stuck on otis #276.

How on earth do they figure anyone can get 300 blue?

Anonymous said...

Interesting board with exits in the middle. Maybe I got lucky, but got it on the 1 rest try. Make as many special candies as possible to use. Wraps work good on the top of the board when candies are over the exits.

Bill. said...

Interesting level third attempt. Need to concentrate on what the conveyor does.

Anonymous said...

Although I do not mind conveyors, having two all board conveyor games in a row was a little boring. Could have spaced these out in level.

Anonymous said...

I found the easiest way was to get the acorns and cherries on the conveyor belt above the center zone, then drop them down.

Anonymous said...

This level totally sucks. I have been on this for 2 weeks and no good. I am almost ready to quit!!!!

Anonymous said...

aaggghhhhhhhhh impossible !

Anonymous said...

Very surprised to see so few comments for this level. Seems to be a tough one.

G-townTX said...

How can I send a life to a friend who is not on Facebook? Anyone?