Candy Crush Saga Level 634

How to pass level 634 Candy Crush Saga
NEW BOARD!  The makers have made level 364 much harder, especially to get good points..
There are no candies in the bottom half of the board, just licorice, which covers the jelly and keeps falling from the dispensers if you hit it with stripes..
The only way to complete level 364 now is by using the frog.
Charge him up as quickly as possible at the start and use him to break a section of the bottom jellies.. 
Take care to get a third of the bottom, so you leave 2 more sections for later.
Then make a colour bomb in the top and match it with the new frog colour. Try to get as many of the colour on the board as you can so the frog is charged in one go.
He needs to eat 12 candies to charge fully.
Move him to the next section, then do the same again. 
Once he's charged for the final time DON'T clear the last section of jelly. 
Save the frog and use the remaining moves to make more colour bombs and combos to get the score up.
Then on your last move place the frog on the last section of jelly to complete the game.
Video below

The following video is the original board, which mobile users will probably have for a while until they are updated.

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  1. Again first attempt use the frog early then combinations.

  2. My level 634 is completely different than this. The bottom level is completely filled with licorice and no matter what combinations, including frog, I try, the licorice never disappears. Am I the only one that has this version of level 634? How do I get through this level?

  3. @ Judy...Mine is like this too. I pretty sure it's another glitch in the game. How to fix tho?? Idk. Very frustrating. There's obviously no way to beat it like this with it filled with the licorice constantly at the bottom...

  4. For those of us with the endless licorice, I found that you have to use the frog. Fill him up and move him to the bottom. When you get the sprinkle candy, take out the color of the frog and he will eat them and get full so you can move him to another section. This is the only thing that has worked for me, other than getting two vertical stripes together which is a pain. Good Luck!

  5. Even putting the frog at the bottom doesn't work with this particular version. Doesn't matter how many times you fill him up with sprinkle candy, the licorice keeps filling back up....@the designers..please sort it out before my laptop goes out the window.

  6. I also had the board with the full licorice at the bottom. Using the sprinkle candy method above worked for me.

  7. Very easy level, got it 1 rest try with 11 moves left. My level didn't have all the licorice on the bottom, just a few in the corners, and jelly on bottom and the top corners.

  8. you have to use the frogs 3 times at the bottom to clear the jellys under the licorice, thx for the comments about the frogs i would never have passed the level without using them

  9. So far, on ipad, mine does not have all the licorice, only a few licorice on bottom, and the rest are candies. Only had one try, but cleared all jelly, just did not make the points, so figure will soon.

  10. I got this easy fir see t attempt. Must be a glitch for those who had probs. I had licorice but some color. My prob was not finishing too quickly so I cld reach score

  11. Does anyone know when they will be adding more levels to Android devices? I have been stuck on my phone at level 634 forever and there are many more levels on the PC.

  12. c/candycrush here
    I got through first go so maybe the glitch has been fixed now.

    I didn't mess around trying to make combos at the top really, although I did make one vertical stripe there.
    Mainly I aimed to fill the frog till he pulsated, then moved him down onto the board below and then concentrated on making moves down there. Ended with 3 turns spare. Was touch and go but I was lucky I got the right colours.

    Good luck.

  13. I've passed this level several times with 3 stars, but my map only ever shows one star. What's up?

  14. I am so enjoying these easy levels that are fun fun fun!! I keep waiting for the ax to fall though and I will be forever stuck!! Thanks, King, for the good ones!


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