Candy Crush Saga Level 649

How to pass level 649 Candy Crush Saga
The jelly on level 649 is under the cream in the lower half of the board. 
As there are no candies beside the cream you have to make vertical stripes in the top part of the board to fire into the cream and destroy it.
Stripe/wrap combos are also useful for breaking into the bottom part of the board.
Once you have candies in the bottom you can use colour bombs to get the score up.
Video below

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  2. Fun level chocolate bombs everywhere.

  3. wrong video! No skill involved here, you've got to wait for a lucky board....still waiting.....

  4. Rotten level no skill involved. Can't even open up the bottom section.

  5. I don't know when they did change this level from the original version, but now it's a lot worst with 5 colours on the board. that being said it's a pain to get any decent combos to blast the cream. sprinkel/stripe combo do not creat much damage as most of the stripes turn horizontal.
    the best way to get to bottom section is by vertical stripes or any stripe combined with wrapped candy. after that you most get rid of the cream asapand hope for some additional combos along the way. once all the cream is removed is down to luck again to get the last jellies, good riddance with this one and happy to move on.

  6. Obviously you have to get vertical or wrapped striped combos to clear the bottom. The problem with this and the last few levels is that they are almost totally reliant on getting a lucky board. No skill needed at all. Pretty damn boring, CC need to come up with some more "skill" based levels!!!!

  7. No bombs, no chocolate, no cyclones, WHY is this so disgustingly impossible!!!! I just can't seem to get it and I feel like an idiot to keep playing! grrrr

  8. This has really gotten to be boring...maybe it's time to break a break...

  9. Another impossible level that only requires patience waiting for a magic board. I'm sure anyone who has got to this level knows how to make vertical combos which would make this an easy level if only the system would allow you to make them. I'm becoming very disillusioned by Candy Crush and don't look forward to playing anymore.

  10. I played a few times on my iPad and couldn't get anywhere. I agree it would be a lucky board to get past this one. So I switched to my mobile and past it first time with lots of combo's.
    Good luck

  11. 648 was horrible--649 is murder! Just seem to be moving candy around--and not being able to even get some candies down below to work on!! When I do-- my moves are up--just like that!!! Stressful level! Feeling like a dumb dumb to keep trying and trying....


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