Candy Crush Saga Level 657

Tips for level 657 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 3 ingredients in 25 moves to complete level 657.
The exits for the fruit are in the middle of the board, above the dispensers.
To get the fruit out of the exits you need to work in the top of the board, or make colour bombs anywhere. (though difficult with limited moves available)
Stripe/wrap combos near the top of the board work well, as do vertical stripes in the correct column.
Not a difficult level once you work out how the teleports work.
Video below.
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  1. Fairly easy concentrate on moving blocks at the top fruit all on one side.

  2. Agree move the top candies. Makes a change from last two levels.

  3. Last level was bad. This one is just as bad. My friends quit many levels ago, think I am done no longer fun!

  4. I think that this one is a dreadful level. There is very little room for movement.

    I ended up using four of my free daily spins stash: a coconut wheel and 3 lollipops.

  5. No skill needed, just plain luck as the video shows. I am almost sick of these levels that you basically have to wait for a lucky board. Bored to death and ready to flag this game all together.

  6. For the second consecutive level, I solved it on my last move, combining a striped and wrapped candy to sink the third cherry. the stars must be properly aligned, so I'll keep playing.

  7. Just completed level 656 without using boosters. Today King put up on that level that it is a hard one and to select your boosters. I had tried boosters a time or two that just got wasted so I decided not to waste any more. When I completed it a screen popped up that said Congratulations you completed a hard level. I managed to do it on my last move. I only have one friend playing ahead of me and even she messaged me that she seldom plays now. If it wasn't for the tooth fairy, I would not have enough friends playing to advance me. I don't play as much as I used to either.

  8. 656 almost made me say buh-byeee....These levels are torture--and I try sooo hard-on these "hard" levels...Will give it a shot.If no go after 50 tries---then not worth my time anymore...Need better luck for sure....


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