Candy Crush Saga Level 708

Tips for level 708 Candy Crush Saga
The aim of level 708 is to collect 2 cherries in 25 moves.The bottom part of the board is where the exits are and at the start of the game there are no possible moves there because it's completely covered with multi layer cream blockers apart from one wrapped candy in the middle.
The only way to clear the cream and open a way for the fruit is to hit the cream with stripes or stripe/wrap combos. The wrap will help clear some of the blockers if you can hit it with a stripe or even a colour bomb.
That takes care of clearing the exit, the next job is to get the fruit to the exits, to do this you need to drop them onto the conveyor and let it carry them up to the top, then either match below them to drop them off so you can get them down to the bottom, or have a stripe ready to fire off as they move over it, which will take them straight down and out.
Be careful not to let the fruit go into the teleport at the top or it will take them back down to the bottom and you will run out of moves before they come back up.
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  1. I'm finding this to be one of the top 20 hard levels. After passing so many difficult levels lately, I find this one annoying! There are not enough moves. Even if I do clear the bottom square, I can't seem to keep the fruit on the conveyor belt.

  2. It is a little mind boggling, trying to keep track of where things are going. Kill the bottom to make way for the fruit to drop. Get the fruit on the conveyor and drop it off with a vertical.

  3. Only took a couple of tries....a color bomb/stiripe and then stripe/wrapped did the trick. Janine Marie

  4. I did it on my 2nd try with 11 moves to spare. Thanks for the help. Don't over think it. Get fruit below conveyor belt and use wrap/stripe. They drop right thru.

  5. Pretty easy once you understand the concept. Priority is to get the fruit below the conveyer so it won't move around. Then focus on making vertical stripes, stripe/wrap combos or choco/stripe combos to drop them out. I matched a choco with a red candy to blow up the red wrapped. It blew and the cherries dropped.

  6. Agree fruit below the conveyor is the key then combinations to blast away.

  7. JanC here. Took maybe 10 tries plus tips here (thank you!) And yes at first I found it annoying but by the final couple of games as I understood what was going on I found it more fun. Three stars. Yes the key tip is get your fruit on conveyor then, before it reaches gap at top center knock it off the conveyor to sit on shelf at center middle while you blast the blocks blocking exits. It is mercifully easy to make every special candy and to combine them.

  8. Passed it first go, pure luck !

  9. Not even luck.

    After 2-3 times, you'll understand what is needed to get the fruits down. First clear out the bottom with striped. Then, when the fruits move into the middle rows over the opening, be sure to get them off the conveyor belt and move them down.

    Fourth try.

  10. Thank you very much for the tips ... yes after 3 tries and understanding what needs to be done, it was as easy as taking candy from a dummy.

  11. Jan C's advise help me clear this level on 2 tries. I also had the luck of a sprinkle ball and used that to blow the wrapped candy in the "box". When able, I then dropped the candy onto the shelf in the middle of the board. Combos them got them to drop up up and away. Good usually comes to that more so than strategies.

  12. I thought that this would be a hard one, and maybe it is, but I got it on my first try thanks to two wrapped-striped combos. and yes, get the fruit below the conveyer belt over the box.

  13. Thanks for the hints. Passed it on first try after you kind folks told me what to do. Then it was easy. Appreciate the help! Grammajz


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