Candy Crush Saga Level 719

Tips for level 719 Candy Crush Saga
The ingredients dispensers are locked away at the top of the board and need 5 keys to unlock them and allow the ingredients to fall.
The keys drop randomly down the column on the left of the board and each one either opens, or partly opens, some of the locks.
The keys will go down the column and onto the conveyor where you will be able to collect them to open the locks.
Once all the locks are open it's just a matter of getting all the ingredients off the board, not a difficult level.
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  1. Took a couple of tries before I got smart and realized that I should NEVER let the bombs onto the bottom converyor belt and into the left side slot!

  2. Can be difficult to release keys but when board is open fairly straightforward.

  3. This is a fun level. Completed on second try without boosters. Keys need to drop down from the left side onto the board. Just watch your bombs and clear your keys. The ingredients don't have far to drop once you open the locks. Have fun!

  4. not a fun level for me. don't like having to wait on the keys to get on the board to do anything with them. boring for me but will keep going until I pass.... hopefully will be very soon...

  5. Didn't like it because of the bombs, but after 6 times glad to pass.

  6. Still having to play on my PC as the game keeps crashing on my I-pad since the latest update - sooooo annoying. Once I get to the end of this round I will have to stop as I refuse to pay for anything or to bother my friends for lives. What a pity.

  7. JanC here. I too disliked this level and after only a few tries used on of my precious few hammers won on the daily spin to remove a candy and let my last ingredient off the bottom conveyor before it would s l o w l y wind up over to the far left again. With 14 moves left I wasn't sure there would be time to get it back over and down again (or before one of the bombs detonated).

  8. A good tip for this level is to try to get "open" space in the bottom conveyor. Look for matches in the left column, then the bottom row, then middle row. That way, when the conveyor on the bottom reaches the left column via the portal, there's empty spaces for the keys to drop into. I found it to be easier and faster than trying to make horizontal stripes or wait for matches to appear on the left. Good luck!

  9. Last comment above most helpful of the posts. Be careful of the bombs, they'll sneak up on you. Took several tries and only got one star.

  10. I was very surprised to get this on my second go - pure luck!

  11. Is there a secret to getting the keys to drop? I use up way too many moves before even the first key drops. Very frustrating.


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