Candy Crush Saga level 754

Tips for level 754 Candy Crush Saga
This is a fun level with combos fairly easy to make, you need to collect the keys as they fall from the top until the sides are unlocked.
The only thing you need to remember is that the ingredients have to be moved out from each side or they won't go out of the exits.
Video below
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  2. The problem here isn't the keys but rather trying to move the fruit sideways. You have to get the 2 candies below or above the fruit to be the same and then the one to the right or left to match that color so you can do the switch. This might take awhile.

  3. If there ever was a level to you your "free switch" boosters - this is it!! That makes it a whole lot easier to get the fruit moved over sideways!

  4. It all depends on how good you are in moving the fruit sideways once that is done you are ok. Completed third attempt.

    1. Same moving fruit takes a little booster 2nd attempt..phew

  5. JanC here. I suppose levels like this are what keep me coming back to cc: a challenge (because I'm not at all confident about moving items sideways under pressure) and have been missing recently. Difficult levels in these post 700 episodes have beenn difficult due to lack of luck rather than lack of skill or concentration. I found this level to be a bit stressful rather than fun but definitely an improvement. And I did win through, two stars, no boosters, on my third attempt. Tips: try to unlock the sides enough that you can move your fruits down one space which gives you more flexibility in options to move it over (if it's all the way to the bottom of its shelf you must have two same color candies above it, rather than that OR one above it and below. I found it useful to watch for an easy sprinkle ball to eliminate one color, thus increasing the chance to move the fruit. Then, wrap/stripe combos to move them down and out fast, since there aren't all that many moves. All in all though, not a tres difficult level.

  6. 1st try, no boosters, 3 stars. Like others have already said, the only challenge on this level is to get the fruit sideways, but they actually give you enough moves on this level to make it realistic.

  7. More fun than last few levels. If your starting board has two of the same colors in the fruit columns (as mine did on one side of my winning board), it makes it easier.

  8. Fun level. Tricky moving the ingredients. Fifth try, no boosters and 3 stars.

  9. This level took me two tries. It requires a lot of thought in order to line the candies up so you can move your fruit sideways, but it's not like the past few levels where you needed a lot of luck to succeed. Now it's on to 755 and the end of another episode!

  10. All I can say is pay attention to Bill and Jan C's advice cause these people have been my tutors on the last 30 levels. They explain how to instead of crying about not being able to do it


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