Candy Crush Saga level 801

Tips for level 801 Candy Crush Saga
To start with you need to work in the top half of the board as the bottom id either locked candies or cakes, which have to be cleared as there is jelly under them.
Begin by making vertical stripes and wraps. Colour bombs are OK but are best switched with a stripe to cause more damage as they won't affect the cakes on their own, however they will unlock some of the locked cells. Stripe / wrap combos are good for clearing cream and cakes and will also help grow the popcorn.
There is also a colour bomb already on the board in the form of a popcorn, which needs stripes or other combos to grow and give you the colour bomb. There is jelly under the popcorn too, so it has to be removed.
There is no jelly under the cream blockers, they are just there to make life more difficult! 
Once you get the board opened up level 801 can be quite a fun level as there are only 5 colours so making special and combos is fairly easy.
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  1. relatively easy episode for those reaching 800 level players.
    not worry, this episode all easy & fun level 801-815.
    finish this episode at 2 days times.

  2. Players that haven the new update, what are you playing on? I'm playing on mobile iOS, and still no update past 799. When the updates do become available, it still takes a few days for the levels to actually BE there, which I find odd and irritating! I can't find any info about the date the latest episode was released....

  3. 800-815 are now on iPad.

  4. JanC here. Just got the levels updated overnight on my android tablet. Played 801 and got three stars on the second try: easy. If you have trouble, it's just an unlucky board; try again. Enjoyable! Just enough of a challenge without annoyances (time bombs, chocolate). Must admit, I've missed cc.

  5. Series 800, here I come. TG.

  6. First try, no boosters, 3 stars, but cleared the last jelly on my final move! Clearing the puddings as early as possible so you have moves left to clear the double jellies hidden beneath them.

  7. Again enjoyable get the cakes as early as possible. Quite straightforward.

  8. Yes, an enjoyable level. Just use the skills you have learned en route about combos and you will get this one.

  9. 4th try, no boosters, 3 stars. Make combos to clear the cakes and popcorn. Enjoyable!

  10. I have completed 801 multiple times but do not progress. Can't find any answers.


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