Candy Crush Saga level 839

Tips for level 839 Candy Crush Saga
Jelly level with 35 moves and jelly hidden under the middle and the 4 corner sections and surrounded by cream blockers.
There is no jelly under the cream but you have to get through it to reach the jelly.
Once you have the board opened up a bit you can make combos and colour bombs fairly easily to clear the jelly.
This is a fun level once you get started, but can be a bit tricky to get started as the board is quite restricted at the start.
Video below
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  1. Why does candy crush believe that it is fun to hit the same candy with merangues 6 times before it is eliminated? Oh yeah also bombs are not fun either!! Waste of time!!!

  2. After numerous attempts and not really getting close, playing on my iPad, I used saved chocoball and striped wrapped combo and reset until the chocoball and the striped were next to each other. Luckily, there were quite a few candies of that color on the board so I got a good start. Got another chocoball striped combo and then with one move to go and one jelly left, a chocoball fell onto the board and I was able to take out the last jelly. Really need at least two chocoball striped combos, but they are not easy to get.

  3. I liked this level - in the end I managed to swap the wheel with a colour bomb also had a colour bomb wrap combo and a colour bomb strip combo to finish it off. Probably lucky but it is easy to make combos. Cheers AJ

  4. AJ above and I must have had a same board! I too swapped a chocoball/stripe and then choco and wrapped later on. iPhone/No Booster/3 stars

    1. My mistake. AJ swapped wheel +choco. Wow. I don't remember I ever had an opportunity to swap wheel and choco. How cool. I would like to see what that combos do!

  5. I like this level too. Haven't beat it yet. So maybe I'll change my mind. What bombs? Haven't come across one

  6. JanC here. That was such fun I hated to see it end! Most fun in ages -- took three attempts but each was fun to play (& no popcorn, praise god!) .. Three stars, no boosters. Playing on an android tablet. Didn't seem to matter, strategy-wise, whether to make a good match with coco wheel or not or whatever. So it must be down to luck. But at least, it seems easy to get lucky (on android tablet anyway). Yay.

  7. If you can start with making a match above or beneath the wheel involving a question mark candy you might be lucky and get a helpful special candy right above or beneath the wheel. I got a stripe and matching it with the wheel got me a whole row of stripes that opened up the board pretty nicely. The rest was easy.

  8. Enjoyable use the coconut wheel vertically and the special candy need a bit of luck to open up the game then straightforward.

  9. A nice breath of fresh air...Very enjoyable level to play...Fun & easy making special combos & even have a coconut wheel..All those totally luck & torture levels get tiring & having some relaxed fun is welcomed...Took me several tries on this but each time I had fun..Got it with back to back bomb/stripe combos...WOW...Stay patient & enjoy this one.

  10. Very enjoyable. 2nd try, no boosters, 3 stars.

  11. Looks like another level that requires boosters (like many of the last 100 or so). Rarely even come close with the moves given.

  12. JSN: Again, no problem. First try, no boosters, three stars. I hate to quit when I'm on a roll, but I have to mow my yard before it rains.

  13. Another fun level. The coconut wheel and chocolate color bomb combo produced several stripes that cleared some of the board. I managed to do two combos of chocolate color bombs and stripes that helped finished it off. I even got enough in the "candy" jar two times in a row to get extra free boosters. Love when that happens especially after the times you get ripped off when a game doesn't work right and you have used some of your precious hammer boosters.

  14. this level must have changed since JanC posted, there are five popcorns that must be hit several times. Just started and nowhere near completing this, but I'm guessing a few stripes and sprinkle combinations are necessary.


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