Candy Crush Saga level 857

Tips for level 857 Candy crush Saga
Level 857 is an ingredients level with just 2 ingredients to collect in 30 moves.

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The first nut is already on the board at the start and the second one falls down on move 16, or after you get the first one off the board, whichever happens first.
So keep an eye on your remaining moves to ensure you make move 16 somewhere in the columns which have exits at the bottom so the fruit falls in a position where it can be collected easily.
If the second ingredient falls in one of the outside columns you will have to move it over, always a difficult thing to do.
You will need lots of cream smashing stripes and stripe/wrap combos to get the ingredients off the board and a bit of luck with the UFO too.
Video below.

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  1. Great tip about the 2nd ingredient dropping on move 16. So many blocks to break! A coconut wheel was needed for me to pass with 2 stars.

  2. Finished with a lollipop under two fruit ;)

  3. First try again! Lots of combos and a chocoball/striped worked their Magic. JS

  4. This was a it of a nothing level - really easy. Regards AJ

  5. A Chocolate ball/stripe combo did a lot of damage to the jelly. Both fruits went down the middle column quite easily. First try, three stars (although I don't care for stars any more). For me this was the easiest level in the episode. Maybe I just got lucky.

  6. I did a wrapper/wrapper combo and it blasted the nut away and no replacement ever came down ....

  7. JanC here. Wow--didn't take as long as I feared. Maybe 6 tries? Ms Cookie is the *best* for telling us when fruits drop -- I haven't seen that at other sites. Definitely made a huge difference. I was about to try a commenter's tip to try a coconut wheel but thought I'd give it one more try without and I got it, two stars. Yay. Good luck, everyone.

  8. c/candycrush here

    Rating> Fairly easy.

    Didn't get through on first try or anything but at least the board gives you a fair chance. First fruit is actually over a column with an exit (I was shocked) and if you play it right you can even get the second one in an exit column too. Doesn't come much better than that.

    I didn't get a colour ball but a stripe wrap combo helped. 2 stars, no boosters needed.

  9. Need a good start and be careful at move sixteen, ufo almost useless.

  10. Not a difficult level. In my first try the nut flew sideways and got stuck. You haven't got enough moves to break the cream AND move it so I failed. I passed it on my third try easily. I agree with Bill - the UFO isn't much help.

  11. Got a REALLY lucky board the 1st try and good combos. The UFO was also helpful to clear the way. Positioned the second ingredient over the first one on move 16 and the rest was a matter of clearing the bottom candy. 2 stars, no boosters.

  12. 5 tries & then lucky board...2 stripe/wrap combo's & 2 well placed vertical stripes & game over 2 stars no boosters..Fairly easy level

  13. JSN: First try with no boosters and ten moves remaining, but still only got two stars. Is it just me, or has this whole episode made it difficult to get three stars?


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