Candy Crush Saga level 903

Tips and hints how to pass level 903 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 8 ingredients in 30 moves to complete level 903 Candy Crush Saga
It will be much easier to complete this level if you can keep the ingredients in the middle. If they fall down either side you have to clear the cream blockers to get them down to the exits.
The blockers will likely be partly cleared as you work on getting the first ingredient down to the exit, but if you can keep the ingredients to the middle or at least to one side of the board your job will be easier.
New ingredients will fall down as soon as you collect each one, so the faster you clear them the more chance you have of collecting all 8.
Don't forget to check the whole board before every move, as it's very easy to concentrate on the ingredients and miss chances to make colour bombs in another part of the board.
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  1. 2nd try, no boosters, 3 stars. I didn't come anywhere close the 1st time around, only getting 2 ingredients. The second time, I got crazy lucky making sprinkle after sprinkle.

  2. That was a fun one. Took a few tries because the game kept sending my last one or two ingredients down the side, which are harder to get out.

  3. I must have been very lucky; every one of my ingredients came in the very middle column. No problem at all getting them straight out.

  4. I was going well, got down to my fifth ingredient about half way through my moves, and then the ingredient just disappeared from the board. No more ingredients came. Bug??

  5. Also took me a few tries. Silly me thought I had to move the fruit over 3 rows until I realized they fell right through. Was a fun level. Only 2 stars but that's ok.

  6. One of those fun levels that you miss as soon as you pass it!

    1. JanC here! Hey Char doll, you do realize once you pass a level that you can ACTUALLY PLAY IT AGAIN, Eh????

  7. JanC here! 1st try 3 stars NO boosters!!

    Gang, as my fellow sweety above mentioned to you minions, focus your little crushing brainys on keeping the fruities in the middle of the board, Eh? Then I went on to use my skill set to create a couple color bomberinos and bada bing!! Easy peazy kiddos!!!!

    Good luck dolls!!

  8. Hi it's Kath... That was one fun level !!!!

    1. Honestly Kath, you add less useful advice than the real or fake JanC...

  9. After last level this one was fun & enjoyable...Not really easy but doable with patience & focus...Keep ingredients near middle & go for verticals or bomb/wrap or bomb/stripe combos..Very doable hang in there

  10. Need a good start to get the first two or three fruits down quite enjoyable.

  11. JanC here!!!!

  12. I can't believe I just got thru this game after 1 try. Dropping fruit & nuts is not a favorite of mine, so I
    was skeptical about getting all 8 down with so few moves (I'm surprised no bombs or choc. were thrown
    into the mix).
    The only advise I can offer is to try to keep playing towards the middle of the board.
    I was moving candy towards the side & that's where the next fruit came down.
    At least I didn't have to move any over to get them down the board. They came down on their own from the
    top, as long as you move the candy below them.
    Other than that, can't think of any other tips.
    Continued good luck to all!

  13. Omg that was so much fun.
    King, I forgive you. For all of your sins, for all of those ugly, unforgivable levels, I forgive you...
    I'm sure I'll take it all back by the time I play a round of the next level.


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