Candy Crush Saga level 946

Tips and help for level 946 Candy Crush Saga
Use a stripe/wrap combo to unlock the colour bomb from the marmalade, then use it to clear a colour and you should then be able to make another colour bomb. Keep using the colour bombs either on a single colour or a wrapped candy for maximum points.
Stripe/wrap combos will also clear a lot of jelly. Avoid using a colour bomb with a stripe as this will mess up the board and leave you with less chance to make colour bombs.
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  1. Fun & enjoyable ..took me 5 tries but then able to create 2 color bomb stripe matchs & 2 wrap/stripes that really opened & cleared board & with 3 moves left created color bomb & had blue stripe next to it with many blues on board...It cleaned off everything..Key strategy really is create as many special combos as you can..bomb/wrap...wrap/stripe/wrap/wrap or even bomb/bomb ...Its doable & I had fun...Stay patient & you will get it...Good luck

  2. Again, quite fun, but I'm struggling. The combos seem to come in the wrong places..............

  3. I got it the next time after I posted the above.............

  4. Has anybody else noticed a glitch since the sugar drops were introduced that randomly it seems to put you right to the bottom of the map, and you have to spend ages scrolling back up to the 940s to continue from where you were? So annoying! Happens to me on an Android phone.

  5. Re:Going back to Episode one all the time.

    Click on red arrow key in bottom left, then press play or press dreamworld owl then press owl again -- Both will take you to level 900's

  6. Extremely easy level. Got a stripe matched with a choc sprinkle In the center of the board which then wiped out much of the jelly on the outside that was remaining.

    My key tip is to reset until you can make a few matches on the outside to put a dent into the jelly. Leaving 1 layer in alot of it and therefore much easier.

    That is all, good luck!

  7. Took quite a few tries. Many combos, stripe/wrap and colour bomb/stripe are definitely a must here. Not necessary to go to Dreamworld. When you end up at level one, just exit, then press play and you're back where you were.


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