Candy Crush Saga level 972

Hints and tips for level 972 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 12 yellow candies to pass level 972, but there are no yellows on the board, so you have to use the lucky candies to make the yellows you need.
There are 13 lucky candies so all the yellows you need plus a spare!
Simply unlock and match the lucky candies to get your yellows, a colour bomb works best as there are only 2 colours of lucky candies to unlock.
Once unlocked use combos to collect them. A colour bomb will work well if you can get it next to a yellow candy, or 2 colour bombs switched together.
Video below
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  1. a fun interesting level...follow the tips given but one thing to remember....Never match color bomb to a blue or green colored stripe as this turns the lucky candies to stripes & not yellow candies for order.Color bomb /stripe on other colors is good to clear blocks & iceing..color bomb early on green or blue color candy is good as it opens the locks allowing you to match & hit lucky candies turning them yellow & making order...Stay with it & have some fun...very doable once you get the hang of it...good luck

  2. Yes a fun level, but I'm not finding it easy, even using a booster!................

  3. Used the check candy I won on sugar drops. Three tries but it worked. Three stars. I see next is a timed level. Not up to that just yet!

  4. Sorry, above comment was meant for 992.

  5. Made the mistake of turning the greens into stripes to match with a chocolate ball. Ugh. Realized afterwards what I'd done! Got it on the third try being careful not to make a chocolate ball with a green or blue stripe! Lots of combos. Fun level

  6. Great tip on the use of the sprinkle! Started with a special from sugar drop and rest board till there were a couple of good moves. Used a sprinkle to open locks and the combos did the rest! Fun!


  7. I've gotten the board cleared several times and was 2 yellows short! I didn't match sprinkle with blue or green either!!!
    Must be a glitch???!!!

    1. Cam I ran into that same issue 2 different times.

  8. Very enjoyable combinations needed at the beginning to clear up then more combinations to claim the yellow candy. Took five attempts.

  9. Must have played this 50 times and no where near!!!

  10. Simply? Yea, right.

  11. Got a sprinkle mixed with a yellow candy. Hey presto!

  12. Am finding this level very difficult. It is NOT simple. Cannot even get close. I think it takes a very lucky board. I will keep trying though. Is fun but boring to keep playing same board over!

  13. Not a simple level at all. Have tried it dozens and dozens of times and only once came close, with 2 yellows left on the board. Most of the time I cannot even crack open the special candies. The video starts off with 43 moves, but the game only gives us 36 moves - that's a whole 7 fewer and can make a big difference.

  14. First time poster here - I'm with the previous poster: this is an incredibly difficult level. I've been stuck here for days and have never even come close to unwrapping all the yellow candies. Even two sprinkles side by side did not help. Any hints from folks who have arrived here after they drastically reduced the number of moves would be appreciated. I suppose there's always the tactic of throwing boosters at it...

  15. This level is RIDICULOUSLY hard.
    I think so few moves we don't have would make it somewhat less impossible!!!
    King, why did you change this, was it to ensure that many people may buy boosters?
    Who am I kidding.....of course it was. 😱

  16. Those few moves we no longer have, would make it much more possible, though still not easy.

  17. Those few moves we no longer have, would make it much more possible, though still not easy.
    And as for the blue green thing, all the help videos I have seen, have used them, apparently with success.....(?)

  18. Not easy for me. I have played this over and over and am not getting close!

  19. I've been playing this level for days and finally figured out that the tips and examples shown as aids all have 43 moves to accomplish the level. In reality, there are only 36 moves offered. This is proving impossible even with added help like color bombs, lucky candies and striped candies. Sucks that they reduced the number of moves.


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