Candy Crush Saga Level 1035

Hints and tips for level 1035 Candy Crush Saga
You only have 20 moves to clear the jelly on level 1035, so you can't afford to waste moves.
From the first move you will have keys falling from the top of the board, match these straight away to open the locks and allow you to clear the jelly.
The mystery candies can be helpful or not, depending on luck, and will determine whether you pass or fail. If lots of the mystery candies turn into blockers and chocolate you may struggle to pass, but if they are good to you it shouldn't be too difficult.
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  1. Fun it 2nd try after not noticing 20 moves 1st time.

  2. Fun it first time with 8 moves left.

  3. I'm not finding it fun - the keys seem to fall where there are no matching colours......................

  4. Again as with many of these levels easier on the Pc. Used a fish which cleared the difficult to get jelly.

  5. Another fun level, first time 3 stars , no boosters with moves to spare. Thank you CC!

  6. Ugh, not having fun on this level. Before I know it I am down to 6 moves without getting the keys! Never seems to be the right colour combos to get them. Just have to wait for the lucky board....sigh.

  7. Finally got some colour bombs in the mystery candy. Was able to use 2 in a row each with a stripe which cleared the board with 6 moves left. Only one star, but I'm ok with that!

  8. Rigged. So frustrating

  9. Unlock the keys ASAP and play as you use to do (towards the bottom). 2 trys, 2 stars. One booster I used; the fish. This one is always helpful playing jelly-levels. Good luck! Greet from Holland, KC.

  10. Would just like to reiterate what Bill said - this level is MUCH easier on PC. After blowing through 30 lives (and backing out of boards without decent plays many times) playing on my phone, I finally switched to my PC. First time through finished with 3 stars. I don't play on my PC often but I guess I'll switch it up from time to time. And, just a word to the wise, CC doesn't do so well with Chrome. It loads faster and with a lot fewer errors if you use a different browser. Thanks again to all of you who are still posting tips!

  11. Again I'm struggling with a so called "easy" one but almost always breeze faintly easily through the "hard" ones,
    go figure ������
    - and Sprocket I play only on my iPad but I don't have many probs... GL ��

  12. After keys were unlocked and with 4 moves left used a wrap with a sprinkle... SUGAR CRUSH!!!


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