Candy Crush Saga Level 1099

Hints and tips for level 1099 Candy Crush Saga
You need to break the cake to allow the fruit to fall so this has to be a priority.
Stripes and stripe wrap combos will take care of the cake and won't be a problem as the mystery candies will usually give you what you need.
Be careful of the bombs though, you don't want to lose the level because you forgot one.
This isn't a difficult level as long as you don't get bogged down with bombs and licorice.
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  1. Where is everyone? I am feeling like the Lone Ranger. No hints to help me along

  2. Used a coconut wheel and got this first try. I miss all of you!

  3. Jane, I used the coconut wheel and first one helped but it seemed like the rest got set off by other combos before I could use them but had enough good combos to complete- did have to use two hammers to get rid of bombs which would have ended the game. Just like last level
    It was mostly the good board that helped finish, and of course our lucky sugar drops!


  4. Used a coconut wheel but kept resetting to position it so it would take out a chunk of the cake. Bombs can end the game quickly so take them out ASAP. Cake must be your first priority & coconut wheel can help that if you position it right under the cake & use it first so it doesn't get set off & move downward. NC

  5. Don't know where everyone has gone to, miss the comments tho. Will try a coconut wheel as struggling with this level. Keep the comments coming they do9 help.

  6. Well I tried the coconut wheel and got it on the first attempt. Love this page!

  7. No wheel available so had to relive on vertical striped candy. Bombs flaming nuisance. Took six attempts.

  8. I don't know what everyone else got but all I get is bombs. Even the special candies are bombs. Can't make more than 15 moves, if that, before a #&*@! bomb goes off. Where is the fun in this game anymore? May as well end it King. You fizzled out.

  9. Will have to try a coconut wheel as the bombs are flying down thick and fast & you cannot get them over everytime. I am not liking this level at all!!!

  10. BINGO! Had tried this level a few times without success. Read all the comments and used one of my saved coconut wheels. Got it second time with 3 stars and over 400,000 points..... Very happy!

  11. My first coconut wheel didn't affect the pie at all but somehow I lucked out and don't even know how it happened.. I was working on the bottom and next thing I knew the big hammer came so I must have cleared the pie without even know I did and then luckily a second coconut wheel showed up and that took the cherries down.

  12. First of all the bombs are a pain. Koll them immediately! I used two wrapped with stripr combo below the cake. Game over!!

  13. No luck here! Guess there is not a lucky board for this one?


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