Candy Crush Saga Level 1111

Hints and tips for level 1111 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 6 yellow candies, which will be provided by the lucky candies locked in marmalade on each side of the board.
First open up the middle of the board to give you space to work, then you can either use strip/wrap combos or colour bombs to unlock the lucky candies and turn them into the yellows you need.
Stripe/wrap combos are probably best as you can change all six into yellows at the same time and collect them.
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  1. Any one else having trouble with this level?

  2. Yes Jane I was so I used the free mystery candies and on the second attempt it gave me 4 so I only had to collect 2 from the sides. Maybe the easy way out but it was getting very boring !!! Good Luck !!

  3. Little tough but got after a few tries.
    You need to uncover the special candies on each side.
    Wrap & stripe works great.
    I matched a chocolate ball with the colors of the special candies.
    They turn yellow after being hit...
    4 turned yellow..2 each side...then 2 more mixes with choco balls matching left over color.
    Then they turn to 3 yellows and the same thing on the other side.
    I tried using luck.
    I beat it with no booster so it is doable.
    Goid luck all.

  4. I have cleared the board of the yellow several times and it still shows I have yellow candies to clear. Glitch in this level

  5. Finished on my fourth try. No boosters, three stars and 16 moves left. Stripe/wrap combos work the best. I used a check booster on my third try but didn't get enough of them to help.

  6. Have tried special candy boosterJane , but also couldn't get enough. To the poster who had all those chicokateballs(sprinkles) must have been a really lucky board! Haven't made a one


  7. Cleared candies but still shows I needed 2 more yellows. They are not on the board. Not sure what's going on wit that.

  8. Cleared it twice but still needed one or two. I think it's how you clear the sides. If you wipe everything out with a striped/wrapped combo before it turns hello, it doesn't count. I believe it's three complete steps: uncover the checkmark candy, hit it to change it to yellow, then hit the yellow. At least, I think that's what the deal is.

  9. In the post above at 9:18, obviously I meant yellow, not hello. Stupid auto-correct.

  10. Be careful with the colour bomb/striped combo on this level. If your stripe is the same colour as any of the 'specials' down the sides, the specials will become stripes and won't morph into yellows. Then you'll end up clearing the board but not have enough yellows at the end.

  11. First attempt used wrapped/striped candy to clear the mist turn them yellow and then all combine to give six yellow candy. Avoid chocolate bombs completely.

  12. Personally, this isn't easy. I used a couple of mystery candies and the yellows ended up in spots that you could not match them. I am not a fan of this level.

  13. Lo and behold! After posting my complaint and comment, I made a lot of sprinkles and stripes that wiped out the mystery candies and yellows. Thank you CC gods!

  14. This level stinks! Ready to quit had enough! You always show a perfect board!

  15. The trick here is to form 6 yellow candies, then form a color bomb next to one of the yellow candies.

  16. How can you form a color bomb next to a yellow candy when the yellow are isolated?


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