Candy Crush Saga Level 1113

Hints and tips for level 1113 Candy Crush Saga
Colour bombs are the secret to passing level 1113. On their own colour bombs will unlock and clear the jelly in the locked cells around the edges of the board, and switched with a stripe they will help to clear the jelly on the conveyor belt on the left of the board.
Candies will not fall onto the conveyor on the left except an occasional timer bomb and the candies from the conveyor belt along the main part of the board will fall down there.
If you can get a vertical stripe on the conveyor and allow it to fall into the left part you can hit it with a colour bomb or another stripe to clear one layer from the jelly.
Level 1113 needs a bit of careful planning to clear all the jelly, but can be a fun level if everything works.
If you are having trouble with this level you can use a jelly fish booster from the wheel if you have one.
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  1. Not a bad level, though it took me a few tries. Used a lollipop hammer to get the last jelly under the bomb drop (the hardest to reach because there is no candy in it.) Sprinkles are a big help here. Sprinkle/striped combo will clear a lot.

  2. The tip about the vertical stripe candy on the conveyor belt worked for me on the last jelly at the top...luckily I had a sprinkle and used it on the same colour...Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately my lollipop hammer did not work on an empty jelly. Good Luck !!

  3. Got it. Used a fish booster. Got the last one on the last move

  4. Got this on my first try, no boosters, three stars. Luckily I got two a Sprinkle/Wrap combos and with 12 moves left I got two sprinkles side by side. I was still left with two jellies on left conveyer belt. Second to last move got another Sprinkle/Wrap combo which cleared them.

  5. Chocolate bombs seem to form on their own. Combine them with striped candy. Fairy straightforward.

  6. Love to play the game and also the new version of the game i.e. candy crush soda saga.candy crush soda saga

  7. must have the old verson, bear in middle and on outside..on both my pc and ipad!!!!!! how come???? keeps update so.....


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