Candy Crush Saga Level 1138

Hints and tips for level 1138 Candy Crush Saga
You will need the frog to beat level 1138. The frog is hidden under the chocolate at the bottom of the board, you can just see his eyes. 
Unlock and clear the chocolate enough to uncover the frog, then work on making special candies and combos.. Don't worry about collecting the colours, if you make your combos the colours will be collected anyway.
Fill up the frog as you work and make your two colour bombs, more if you can.
One of the colour bombs can be switched with a stripe to give you the stripes you need.
Once the frog is full put him into the section where the colour bombs are, bottom left, to unlock the five colour bombs.
It's possible that while you are making combos some of the colour bombs may be uncovered, in that case you can switch two together to uncover the rest.
Once the colour bombs are unlocked switch 2 together and see what you need to collect to complete the game.
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  1. Easy Peasy ~~ 1st try once again thanks to the great tips about growing the Frog and switching 2 sprinkle bombs together...Thresa

  2. Another fun one. I didn't use the frog

  3. Took me quite a few tries, even getting to the frog left me with not enough moves. Ended up making my own colour bombs and having to match with a stripe as I was shy of stripes when I moved the frog. Very good advice, though to use the frog!

  4. Need early chocolate bomb/striped candy to get the striped candy and clear the chocolate from the frog. Quite enjoyable.

  5. I got the frog and.... oh why can't I stop playing this? I lost my job because my boss caught me playing candy crush in an important meeting. My wife left me because I played candy crush every night in bed. I DREAM about Candy Crush !!

  6. Easy peasy? Ha, not for me. Yet another monotonous one. Good grief. Good moves? I'm waiting. Almost had it but lacked seven stripes and ran out of moves.

  7. Someone said they didn use the frog and they passed the level? IMPOSSIBLE unless you were able to use make the required candy bombs which I would imagine is unlikely. Why do folks think they have to lie? Unbelievable.

  8. Yes, growing the frog and freeing up the sprinkles as per tips above worked for me first try. I thought it was an easy level. Maybe I was lucky?

  9. c/candycrush here.

    I didn't find it an easy level. One star effort only after days of trying.

    The trick is to definitely concentrate on trying to clear & grow froggie so he can jump over to the colour balls & free them, but even if you do that (and I didn't always manage it)you will still often find yourself short of something.
    Basically, you'll need to
    -make a colour ball & get it next to a stripe to detonate, so that you will get enough stripes & reds. You may even need to do this twice. The system sometimes sends you a colour ball if you get lucky.
    -uncover & grow froggie with at least 7 moves still left.

    Reasonable fun but medium hard.

  10. Not finding this easy. Funny how we all have different views on each level. Struggling to get to the frog. 5 tries so far. Not bored with this level yet.

  11. I was lucky enough to get two sprinkles together in the first few moves, cleared all the chocolate and sprinkles grew Mr Froggy but didn't have to use him

  12. I hate that frog big time......

  13. I really did win this without the frog. I focused on the frog, but the board freed up a couple of color bombs unintenally, so I was able to match them twice. Needed the five extra moves, because it took two more moves to finish the stripes. Glad this level is over. It was difficult.

  14. It's very immature to accuse someone of lying on here and guess what? I finished without using the frog too!! Here's how I did it. The board opened with a stripe/wrap on the far left and when I set it off it uncovered 2 of the speckled. I set them off together and that uncovered the other two plus the cascading made another speckled. I matched that with a stripe which took care of the stripes and then I had to use a hand switch to make the last speckled. Needed 16 reds and had five moves... just made it as moves ran out.

  15. Not an easy level for me. Can't figure out how to clear the color bombs. I always dread levels with the frog!

  16. I also didn't need the frog. I just used a lucky candy which gave me heaps of coloured choc bombs.

  17. I too am having a littke trouble completing this one. I think filling up the frog aand moving him to the left lower corner is the answer, but it isn’t easy to fill him up as he ends up being a color that has no other men in that color around him. Twice I managed to fill him and move him but then I lacked something else. Fighting the growing chocolate is also a problem but to win you don't need to uncover all of them so don't concentrate on that except to get to the frog.


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