Candy Crush Saga Level 1144

Hints and tips for level 1144 Candy Crush Saga
To use the coconut wheels simply match the candies in the squares marked in the image below and the coconut wheels will slip out diagonally and can be used. Make sure you get one each side and then use them sideways to unlock the ingredients at the top of the board.
However this will only work if the cream blocker beside the coconut wheel is still there.
Once you have the fruit unlocked set up lower down the board with stripes or a stripe/wrap combo to get the fruit out of the exit.
Make sure the ingredients are in the space above the exits before you try to get them down, there is only one space on the conveyor that will allow them to fall down off the conveyor.
Video below

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  1. I will comment! Lol. Was having a lot of trouble with this one. Both coconut wheels always fell to the same side so I decided to use one of my own which brought the fruit right down and in some cases, right out. Needed one more and was having trouble. Managed a colour bomb with a stripe in the bottom, just waiting for the cherry to come to the right spot to drop. Ran out of moves so used 9 of my free gold bars for 5 extra moves and set the bomb off and down went the last cherry. The coconut wheel appeared again and boosted my score to 3 stars. After coming this far, I hate to have to play a level more than 20 times. Glad for the sugar drop boosters because I refuse to pay for anything! Last one coming up, then a break for awhile. Good luck all.

    1. Awesome!
      I just finally beat it....
      Used a switch hand to drop the last fruit in.
      That one was an awful level.
      These last ones were pretty buggy never played such crappy levels for candy crush.
      Hoping the programming gets better....

  2. The first time I won - it didn't record an acorn dropping through - so I was a bit miffed. I could never get it to work QUITE like the blogger's tip, but I got one of the coconut wheels to fall out. I got rid of the other cream blocker and the two wheels wound up right next to each other. I combined the wheels and it created vertical striped candies all across that row; then the other coconut wheel did that again. I like watching all the smashing going on. AFter that, it was a piece of cake.

    Good luck! Sugarcat

  3. So funny, was stuck on previous level for days, played this level and passed 1st try, don't even know how. Funny how different people struggle on different levels.

  4. Free coconut wheels asap then release fruit. You need combinations at the bottom to get all the fruit down. Wrapped candies are very useful.

  5. Always left with one fruit. Can't get the coconuts to get both ingredients on both sides. Usually just two on one side and one or none on the other, then if I do, I can't get the bottom open in time to get them out. This is one of those levels where they should have given more moves.

  6. Clear blocks next to the donuts. I got a speckle ball side to side with a donut and matched them to get the major clearing started.

  7. Supposedly finally beat this level with a lucky board this morning. I quit and went about doing things that needed to be done.

    Just came back planning on starting level 1145 to see that somehow King aka Candy Crush put me back in level 1144. Also it did not restore the one life that I used to play the game. I think there is something wrong with the game.

    My husband said could I appeal. I laughed and told him they aren't cooperative folks. I don't pay them so this may be the time I will quit them all together. Most of my friends have stopped.

  8. The tips above are good. I managed to get the coconut wheels side by side, combined them and that almost cleared the board. Finished with 13 extra moves with no boosters. I love the tips on this site! Now to the next difficult level. Ugh!


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