Candy Crush Saga Level 1146

Hints and tips for level 1146 Candy Crush Saga
There is jelly under the cake bombs and the popcorn, so they all have to be removed to complete level 1146, but there is no jelly under the cream blockers.
However, the blockers are confining the board and making your job harder, so at least some will have to be cleared to open the board and allow you to make combos.
There is a bomb dispenser at the bottom, but by the time you get bombs falling from that you should have room to work on clearing them.
Try to avoid unleashing the bombs too early though.
I found the biggest headache, especially towards the end of the game, was the licorice which comes down from the dispensers and covers the last few bits of jelly.
Sometimes when I cleared the licorice no candies filled the spaces which made it almost impossible to clear the jelly.
However that only happened on a couple of games so I think it may have been a glitch, so if it happens to you just try again and hopefully it will not happen again.
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  1. Tried once, then read Ms. Cookie's comments (thanks, Ms. Cookie) and decided to use all boosters. Second try with lots of moves left. Wish all of you the same good luck.

  2. Want to add that while I'd rather not use boosters, when it's boosters vs. glitches, free boosters will win out every time. Hope the glitches on several of the last levels don't continue.

  3. Available on Android tablet today.

  4. This looked like it was to be a very tough level after my first attempt but then I got without boosters on my second try. Thanks for tips because they really do help.

  5. Another horror of a level that we have to play ad nauseam. Getting so turned off.

  6. I give up on this level for s few days.
    Playing the orange candy challenge.....level 1000 works great.
    Anyone know a better one?

  7. I really don't know how anyone is able to get this level.....I personally think it is horrible.....wont waste anymore free boosters...have no idea how someone above said they got it....i'll keep trying but will also play the free booster levels, as least I get something from that !!!

  8. Michelle I play ...666 906 1010 932 to get the cc for free boosters when I get bored with this level.

  9. 1000 worked awesome....
    Still stuck...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Oh my, another episode looking bad. The vertical stripes from above don't even touch the bottom cakes!

  12. The fish is your friend...

  13. Agree very tedious again easier on Pc getting one cake ealy is the key otherwise start again.

  14. I was getting nowhere with this tough level, but managed to team a sprinkle with a stripe and was left with one liquorice covered jelly and four moves. Very frustrating as a lollipop won't work on liquorice. However, I used one more move so that I had a candy instead and hit it with my hammer. Thank goodness for my stored boosters! I build up my stock with sugar drops when I can.

  15. Used the three boosters and finished easily with 3 stars!

  16. I am still hurting from that impossible level 1145 and get greeted with 'hard level' for 1146. Give us a break please! There has to be SOME fun involved in playing CC. Grace from DU

  17. Got through on the second turn. Used fish; two hand switches and two hammers. Could not bear to be discouraged again as I was with level 1145.Luckily I saved up lots of boosters. Grace from DU

  18. Well seems my troll is way ahead of me, haha. Smh.
    Anyhow tough level here with that darn bomb dispenser coming inti play here. Just focus on clearing those cakes as I did, and you should be Ok.
    Good luck all.

  19. WHY back to back HARD levels ????? We needed some FUN time !!!

  20. c/candycrush here.
    Another hard level but much more fun than the one before it because at least you get lots of special candy opportunities and the impression it can be done, even when it doesn't happen.

    No boosters needed, you will get through in about 5 days, when KK lets you.
    Concentrate on
    -clearing all cakes but especially that bottom one
    -special candy combos if you can

    But the reality is you need a board that will let you start with a bang & have one cake cleared by about move 33 and last one cleared with about 15 moves left before it will all work out. Good luck.

  21. I have been on this level FOREVER!!! I have never complained about any level until now. I cannot even get close to completing it. Use all boosters up, still did not help. I have never been so close to quitting CC. Passed a lot of levels but this might do me in. Definitely not fun anymore.


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