Candy Crush Saga Level 1171

Hints and tips for level 1171 Candy Crush Saga
While you are breaking through the blockers at the bottom you should also be making combos to begin clearing the licorice and jelly.
Once into the right side of the board keep checking the left side before each move as your moves on the right effect the left and you can still make colour bombs and other specials there to clear jelly.
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Anonymous said...

Having trouble with this one. Could use some help.

LynnR said...

It's pretty straightforward. Break through the cream blockers on the left side to get the candies over to the right side and then make matches and special candies to break the jellies. Pay attention to the topmost few jellies as they are the most difficult to reach.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate this mundane level. Wonder how many times I gonna have to play this one. It's not fun.

Anon lafy said...

I reset the board to get matches at the bottom, but you have to clear all the exits. I was AT LAST lucky enough to get to the last two jellies at the top of the right hand section, but as I could not reach them, I used two precious lollipop hammers on them. No boosters seem to help with this challenging level until the end. Not a fun level.

Bill. said...

First attempt combinations came along cake easily.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
Not all that easy, took me a while but can be done without boosters.

As a general guide, you need to break through a cream blocker by the time you're down to move 25-27 to give yourself time to clear the RHS jelly.

You don't have to clear the cream blocker on the bottom right of the left side (I didn't) but it helps.

Once you break through, don't forget to keep looking on the LHS as well to make useful specials or combos.

mike evans said...

read the blog again passed it 2nd time always seems to work

Anonymous said...

Horrible level - all luck.
I hate these levels where all you have are useless moves above the creme!

Anonymous said...

Horrible stupid level where only luck prevails!