Candy Crush Saga Level 1215

Hints and tips for level 1215 Candy Crush Saga
You need to clear the cake bomb to allow the fruits to fall down into the second half of the board.
Whatever the temptation, don't move the ingredients to either side of the cake bomb, the only way to the exits is through the teleports which are below the cake bomb.
Use stripe/wrap combos to clear the cake and also to begin unlocking the candies on the right of the board as the ingredients have to fall through there to be collected.
The second ingredient does not fall until move 10, so if you had previously cleared the cake and removed the first ingredient you only have 9 moves left to collect the second ingredient.
If you have not cleared the cake by move 10, clearing it when both ingredients are on the board will go a long way towards collecting them both.
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  1. Clear the cake first. When the blast comes, it clears all the licorice cages on the right. Second try, I used a coconut wheel and it appeared 3 times so it was very helpful. Lots of stripe/wrap combos helped to bring the fruit down the right side. Used a hand switch on the very last move to push the last fruit down. Good luck everyone!

  2. Wow...having a tough time even with the coconut wheel

  3. Took a few tries with usual resetting and a lucky board. Once the cake was cleared, I tried to save a wrap and stripe until they could be moved to the right. The luck came when they could be positioned adjacently in the right side column after both fruits were there.

    Good luck to all.

  4. I must be on a lucky streak because I got this first time. Reset the board to get vertical stripes to hit the cake. Once that explodes, you are almost home and dry.

  5. Wow I was very lucky. I did not even read this blog but cleared the cake and the ingredients were in the right place to be transported. VERY lucky - first try. Only 2 stars but I don't care. Grace from DU

  6. Keep at the bricks on the rhs much easier when you clear the cake if the rhs is clear.

  7. On a android in order to reset, one just clicks on the return

  8. I just beat this level and it took me right back to the same board instead of advancing me to the next level, what gives?

  9. With a stroke of luck, I was able to clear everything on the right hand side. The nut had dropped and was siting on top of the cake, and with 10 plays left, I was able to clear the cake, thus allowing the cherry and nut to fall straight through the whole right side and win the game.

  10. well I'm hating this one, lol. had the first fruit and the second one bounced to the right and away from the portal...grrrrr.


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