Candy Crush Saga Level 1219

Hints and tips for level 1219 Candy Crush Saga
The hardest squares to clear are down the sides behind the holes in the board so you should concentrate on those.
Because the board is split into two by the conveyor, some combos can be set up in advance by watching the candies on the conveyor and using them to either make a special candy or get a combo together.
For some reason this seems to be one of those levels that gets harder to make matches the closer you get to completing it. For this reason you need to slow down and check the board carefully before every move as it's easy to miss moves coming around on the conveyor.
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  1. Waiting for a lucky board and then I only used one hand and made it with 22 moves left. Crazy!

  2. Making colored bombs or truffles as we Ohioans call it. And stripe and wrapped candies, was able to complete it in 3 tries. Thanks for the tips.

    1. I don't understand.. If King Candy Crush calls them color bombs, why do people call them something else?

  3. Wow tough one! Finally got it with a couple of stripe/wrap combos near the bottom and a colour bomb/ stripe combo also near the bottom. Used a hand switch at the end when I was down to one jelly and one move. Wasn't going to let this one get away as this was the closest I've come! Only one star, but I'm good! Good luck everyone!

  4. Horrible level, I really don't know how to play this level, I came nowhere,,,,
    Has anyone tips ??

  5. Three stars and no booster. Followed great tips here. Focused on the sides and made combos... lucky too to get color bombs. Good luck. I find that many of the tough levels are won without all the boosters we get. Use them up and then get the toughie without a booster. Don't try to get them any more... Anyways... have fun with this one... it is not that hard:)

  6. 2 stars...9 moves left but very happy to be done with one...
    I have no special tips....sorry.
    I think King just gave me the right.board....tedious level.....3 or 4 tries....
    Go.slow.....make each.move break something....get the.sides as often as you can....
    Took no boosters in as they were.just ineffective.
    Made several wraps and "truffles." that term.
    Matched as much as I could into specials and used them.
    Good luck....

  7. This has been the worse episode ever.... not only hard but BORING!! There was not even ONE really fun level. I hope the next episode will be better, but the past 3 or 4 eppisodes have been horrible but this one is the most horrible of all.

  8. Go slower?? If 1219 went any slower we'd be back on 1218. Very tedious level.

  9. Yes, after several attempts, I did it, finishing off the last two inaccessible candies with lollipop hammers. I did reset the board to get good matches close to each side and tried to batter them as often as I could. Well, it worked. One star but that is fine.

  10. Keep attacking the sides whenever possible. The middle will clear itself. Quite enjoyable with no bombs.

  11. To reset a board on android, just click on the back/return before any moves are made when a game is on the screen. I think apple is the same. Someone said it can'T be done on their computer..

  12. Stuck here for a while. Sides are hard to clear without using boosters. Anyone else seen the bug that a colour bomb / stripe did not work properly? Just removed the colours without turning then into stripes! Happened to me twice now... Grrrr!

  13. I completed this level with lots of wrapped candies, but these recent levels are starting to become a bit predictable. You seem to get a couple of levels that are so easy that you can do complete them in a couple of attempts, then a "hard" level that relies on about 5% actual strategy and 95% sheer good luck. These levels are "challenging".. Just boring. I certainly play this game a lot less now.

  14. c/candycrush here.
    Can't be too hard as even I managed this level first go, which is almost unheard of for me. Most satisfactory.
    I found the key was to get my specials (or needed colour) either on or near the conveyor belt and wait for them to match up, while avoiding any match below that would wreck that.

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