Candy Crush Saga Level 1263

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1263 Candy Crush Saga
Only 25 moves to clear the blockers, get the bombs and clear the jelly! Seems impossible, but it isn't too bad as there are only 5 colours on the board so not too difficult to make combos.
Combos are what you need to have any chance of clearing this level. 
The conveyor can be quite confusing, but it can also help by getting your special candies together to make the combos you need.
You will need to clear the bombs as soon as you get a chance using either colour bombs or stripes etc. They will kill your game if you leave them too long. Wrapped candies are really useful for clearing blockers and the UFO may get some too, although it's just as likely to send the wraps to an open part of the board, so don't waste moves trying to release it if there are better combos to be made elsewhere.
Remember to check the whole board before every move as it's easy to be concentrating on the part where the jelly is and miss good moves elsewhere on the board.
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Anonymous said...

Not as hard as it looks. Took about 3 tries. Used a fish booster but it was a little help. Gotta unleash the bomb in the right bottom by making specials & combos wherever you can. No other strategy to report...pretty straight forward...explode combos & be patient. NC

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I have played this game 3 times and never even noticed the bombs. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Once I noticed there were bombs (yes that was me who posted above) I passed when a few more games. I disagree that the flying saucer wasn't helpful. It helped me each time so it's a good idea to unleash it if possible. Concentrate on getting rid of the bombs as soon as possible obviously. In the game I won the saucer took out the last bomb just as it was about to explode. So far this level has been fun rather than frustrating. Hope it keeps up.

Anon lafy said...

I was very daunted by the position of the bombs, but hey! It was my lucky day - I sailed through on my first try and even got three stars! The flying saucer took out one of the bombs on count 3, so it was useful. I am not boasting - try it yourself.

Tara_the_spotted_cat said...

Done on second try with 9 moves left. I used a fish, but they didnt do much, the board worked itself. It was fun!

Bill. said...

Second attempt. Keep at the combinations. The two bombs once destroyed do not reappear. Quite enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Oh the bombs!

Bobby said...

I loved this one. Fun and easy and I collected candies too. Set off the spaceship when you have very few jellies left and it goes right for the needed spots. Save your boosters.

Anonymous said...

Easy-peasy. Finished first attempt, but only tried after reading the blog, so thanks for that.
I got two stripes together on the belt and waited until I could swap them and hit the rightmost column. That freed an m-bomb and the saucer, so I swapped them. The swap freed the second m-bomb. The aliens did their best to be as unhelpful as possible without being too obvious. They dropped one wrap in the blockers and the other two in the wilderness. But their plans to foil me backfired when the second pop from one of the stray wraps hit a stripe, which blasted the second m-bomb. When the board opened up, there plenty of easy combos and moves to clean everything up.