Candy Crush Saga Level 1271

How to pass level 1271 Candy Crush Saga, hints and tips.
First of all you don't need to clear all the chocolate that is locked under the licorice strings.
The ingredients will fall down diagonally from the dispensers and bypass the locked chocolate squares.
However if you do manage to clear at least some of the chocolate it will give you more room to make special candies and combos which will increase your score as well as bringing down the ingredients faster.
In the first couple of moves clear the chocolate along the bottom of the board so it won't spread and block your moves, that will give you chance to make moves in the bottom part of the board and allow the ingredients to fall down.
Then look carefully at the whole board and see what is coming around on the conveyor to see if you can make specials. Any special candy will help and combos even better.
Remember to look at the whole board, its easy to be concentrating on the bottom and forget whats going on in the rest of the board and you could miss better moves.
You can use the conveyor to get your special candies and combos where you need them.
Video below
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Jane said...

Where is the video?

Anonymous said...

Use the coconut wheel if you have it! Second try. NC

Anonymous said...

Did it first try, no boosters, 2 stars

Tara_the_spotted_cat said...

Definitely use a coconut wheel if you have one. I got thru 1st time with 13 moves left.
After the last stinking level, an easy one was just what I needed :-)

Bling59 said...

Still no video. Gggrrrr!!!

Bill. said...

Three attempts. Need to clear the bottom chocolate asap then the fruit falls fairly straightforward.

Anonymous said...

This one is giving me fits. I've never been able to clear all of the chocolates on the bottom. I've gotten closest to finishing the level when I've been able to unlock the chocolates in one of the side-most columns with a vertical striped candy. I've not had any trouble clearing those freed chocolates, and the candy falls out easily. But the chocolate on the bottom gets in the way. I've seen that other players have had good luck with coconut wheels. I have a bunch of them, and will give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here
I thought it was a hard level & boringly designed as 90% of the time there were very few moves available, too much depended on the luck of the board.

Yes, a coconut wheel got me through. The game only sent me one but I was able to open up some of the board-made all the difference.
Well worth using.

Jessica said...

How do you use a coconut wheel on this level?

Anonymous said...

Another boring shitty level. At least they are consistant.

Anonymous said...

I just wasted 3 coconut wheels on hopeless boards that had no chance of getting anywhere. Constant reshuffles give you an idea of how bad they are. I googled a video and sat back and laughed at how lucky the board was. This game is more & more angled to drive you mad to pay money to pass levels. It is becoming a joke....only not that funny!!! The time is coming where I will delete this game altogether as it certainly is NOT fun anymore.

Anonymous said...

Good tip on using the coco wheel. I won first try by placing the wheel and a color bomb on the bottom row as far left as resets would let me. Make sure that the color bomb and wheel are beside each other then swipe together.
Voila. Most chocolate gone and a straight shot to the bottom. Not boring, onward.

tfr7315 said...

I've always said that if the board has to reshuffle the candies, then it's a sign of very poor design.