Candy Crush Saga Level 1301

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1301 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt

 Bombs, keys, UFO's, Popcorn then chocolate bombs.  Funny  how chocolate bombs are the goal and they are last on the list of priorities, but it worked.   
Get rid of the bombs ASAP, match the keys to unlock the UFO's,  hopefully the wrapped candies will hit the popcorn a few times.    Even if the wrapped candies hit the popcorn every time you still need to make one on your own so try to make one from the get go.   
You only get 25 moves, so between getting bombs, keys, UFO's and then making chocolate bombs - you need to go slow and study the board after each move and make sure it counts. 
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  1. Follow what Allina has suggested and you will be able to pass this level easy. I found out that you got to take it slow and plan every move otherwise you will miss the opportunity to make wrapped/stripped combo and colour bombs. If you can get to this level, I am sure you are able to do that. Good luck.

  2. Clear the bomb and key first but not directly. Instead do it by moving candies at the bottom. This will allow you to create some unexpected strip/wrap/color bomb and allow more waus to move than being restricted by single move each time and cannot clear the bomb.
    Tip given is good. Should activate the UFO to burst the pop corn or else you have not enough move to create enough color bomb.

  3. Levels 1296-1300 were actually fun again. This one more of a challenge but I'll try the tips. The bombs are tough-they're blowing me out of each game but onward I go.

  4. The comment above is mine. Followed the tips and passed first go. Thanks!

  5. Using the check mark booster makes this one easy if you can keep the bombs under control. Didn't need to ufo's to pass.

  6. Good tips above. Took about 8 tries. Mostly the bombs got me. Concentrated on keeping the bombs in check, getting the keys, and trying to make wraps close to the popcorn. Managed to make one colour bomb on my own, but didn't manage to get a stripe with it. The UFOs made all but one of the colour bombs and I was able to explode a wrap next to a popcorn for the last one. Had 6 moves left. Good luck everyone!

  7. Used a check booster & a sprinkle appeared. Board just kept giving me good lucky in about 4 tries. NC

  8. First try used no check! Thanks for the tip!

    CC from vero 😎

  9. I didn't have to make a chocolate bomb on my own. I needed five and I had five popcorns. Beat this on the first try with nine moves left, no boosters. I got lucky because the UFO's kept planting all the bombs right next to the popcorns, which exposed the chocolate bombs. Even before that though, I made stripe and wrap combos to grow the popcorn a little beforehand.

  10. I don't quite know how I did this first try with no boosters, but I did try to follow Allina's tips. I definitely had a lucky board.

    Good luck everyone.

  11. Bombs nuisance need to get all the keys to unlock the ufo then the wrapped candy should open up the popcorn. Five attempts.

  12. JSN: My luck continues to hold. I was able to create a candy ball on my first move. Two moves later I was able to combine that with a striped candy. This weakened the popcorn. Managed the time bombs while I collected keys. For what, I didn't know (not having checked the hints before trying it myself). Oh, flying saucers. Cool! Freed them, and they finished off the popcorn.


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