Candy Crush Saga Level 1328

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1328 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
You need to remove the evil spawners by matching next to them with every move until they explode. If you can't match next to them try to make special candies and combos to hit them with.
If you leave the spawners too long they will begin to shoot out marmalade which will block your moves and make it very difficult to get anywhere.
You can use a lollipop hammer on the spawners if they won't go away, but remember you may have to hit them multiple times.
Stripe/wrap combos and double wrap combos are probably the best once the board is opened up as these will get rid of the spawners as well as growing the popcorns.
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  1. Get rid of the spawners first... it's a must! Wrap and stripe combos for the pop corns or two color bomb combo. There are enough moves to make a few of these combos... a very tough level if you don't carefully plan your moves...

  2. As above comments get rid of spawner first. Then very careful planning to get rid of popcorns. I managed to set up two Chocolate sprinkles together twice, then one with a stripe. After that it was just a few jellies left.
    First try, no boosters, two moves left, only one star.

  3. Got this on second try. No special tips, just pretty easy.

  4. My new tactic is to come to this site first. If there are only a few comments, I know that it won't be too difficult to pass the level, but if there are numerous comments, I read them to get the hints to pass the level. Saves so much angst.

  5. These reappearing jellies are the reason I gave up playing candy crush soda. Reckon they might well see me off this game too.

    1. I no longer play farm heroes because of the fruit/vegetables that count down which I found to be totally stupid & frustrating. These new spawners are giving me the same frustration. I may also quit playing cc if this continues & I have been playing for over 2 years. Not impressed & very disappointing!

  6. Eliminate the spawners then usual combinations. Three attempts.

  7. Ah, don't quit yet.

    Once I looked in here and realized it all came down to eliminating the spawners quickly, I had it in three tries.

  8. I have never left a comment before but I am so frustrated with this new trick of Candy Crush. I like playing but this is so crazy. The game can just do anything without rhyme nor reason now. I can't get rid of the spawners no matter what I try and the bombs count down too fast. Help. I can't take the frustration any more.

  9. Ah, don't quit yet.

    Once I looked in here and realized it all came down to eliminating the spawners quickly, I had it in three tries.

  10. Time to give up on Candy Crush, this level is ridiculous! When it stops being fun, what's the point?

  11. What is acspawner?

  12. I believe the spawner is the square with the hour hand that spins faster and faster until it shoots or spawns out the licorice blockers. Does anyone have any tips on how to eliminate the spawners? How do we get rid of them?


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