Candy Crush Saga Level 1332

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1332 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
Level 1332 is all about getting rid of the Evil Spawners before they can cover the board with chocolate or licorice.
Keep matching beside them and hitting them with stripes or wraps and they will eventually explode once they have been hit five times.
Concentrate on the middle one first as it's the easiest to get to, then work your way down to the others.
The licorice can be a bit of a pain, but by this stage in the game you should be able to control it pretty well.
Video below
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  1. Wtf got this first try with 42 moves left!!

  2. wow, this level was very easy I thought...

  3. OMG! First of all I was going to ask above poster how in the h___ he or she could possibly finish this level with 42 moves left. Then I decided to play it for my sixth time using a fish and a stripe/wrap booster. Guess what? To my astonishment I finished it with 41 moves left and three stars.

  4. Fish booster worked for me also.

  5. Second attempt. Clear the middle spawner then attack the others. Plenty of combinations come along. Enjoyable.

  6. okay then...played this a number of times and the ufo's exploded when the spinners did. This time they didn't and I passed with ease. ?

  7. I was having a problem with this level - tried the fish a couple of times but still got swamped with liquorice/ chocolate. So I looked again at the board and tried a different approach. There's 3 UFOs that are quickly eaten up by liquorice. I decided to use 2 lollipop boosters (you need 2 - 1 clears the liquorice but doesn't set off the UFO. I focused on the middle UFO. Now whether it was a fluke, I'm not sure, but the first UFO set off the second UFO etc and the result was a cascade that cleared the board without me making a single move. I got 3 stars too. Ok, there was no skill on my part involved, but it wasn't a level I enjoyed and this was an easy way of getting past it. I can easily replace the lollipops - I tend to wait until I play my last games before bed then revisit my favourite levels for sugar drops until the 8 hour countdown kicks in. That means by the time I've slept, I can come back to the game with the sugar drop counter replenished. (an aside - I know level 666 is noted as the best for sugar drops, but since they changed it, I no longer use that one. 906, 281 and 1168 give me more)


    1. 666 still gives 35+. Combine with 1168, 591 and you are moving.

  8. I used 2 lollipops on the middle UFO as described by Anonymous. Worked perfectly but I had to activate the other UFOs manually. Thanks for the tip!


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