Candy Crush Saga Level 1339

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1339 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
It is important that you remove the spawners as quickly as possible or you will be fighting against the cream blockers the whole time.
Use stripes and stripe/ wrap combos and at the same time you should be growing the popcorns into colour bombs.
Use the colour bombs to clear some of the jelly in the corners which are hard to get to.
You can also use stripes and stripe/wrap combos to get those difficult jellies, but they need to be well placed at the sides or top and bottom.
A colour bomb switched with a stripe could be useful too, although this won't give many points it will clear some jelly and help to remove the spawners.
If you are having trouble with level 1339 you could try using a jelly fish booster, this will help with the difficult jellies and the fish will also remove jelly from under the spawners sometimes.
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  1. Got this one on my second try. Finished with 19 moves left. Used a fish booster which helped get my last two top corner jellies. Only got one star. Might come back and play it again.

  2. This isn't an impossible level but after all this time and frustration The last few months, and glitches and I don't have Facebook so I'm playing solely on the impossible Apple app...I have absolutely hated this entire 15-level episode. I'm done. King go F yourself! Way to ruin an awesome game with these d-bag spawners

  3. Yeah agreed! Got close but spawn ears suck! How do you get them ton explode??

  4. I got this first try. Didn't mean to use the fish booster but it was checked. Just making matches beside the spawners seems to destroy them as I didn't use a stripe or colour bomb near them. I think the 3rd hit killed them. Got a wrap on top of the top popcorn. Used the colour bomb when the top two candies were the same colour to get those corners. No idea when I got the bottom corners. Really fluked this one! Having a terrible time on the next one! Good luck everyone!

  5. I took the advice and used a fish booster. Everything just came together and I killed both spawners. I had to use two hammers on the last two jellies top right and left as they were unreachable.

  6. Used fish and 3 hammers. Was worth it as I got through on the third try. I mean, what are boosters for? Grace from DU

  7. Fish booster definitely helped. 11 moves left and 2 stars :)
    Thanks for the help guys :)

  8. Found fish no help. Wrapped candies much more useful especially two side by side.

  9. please let there be no spawners in the next episode

  10. fish booster and a lot of luck

  11. I haven't passed this level yet but the good news is that King evidently took pity on us and now it only takes hitting the spawner 3 times to make it explode whereas before it was 5... sooooo much better!!!


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