Candy Crush Saga Level 1068

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1068 without boosters.
Level 1068 is classified as a hard level by King but if you are good at timed levels you may be OK at this.
You need to score 70,000 points in only 25 seconds, which is definitely a challenge.
The good thing is that there are extra time candies under the locks as well as mystery candies.
You need some luck with the mystery candies to have any chance of passing. If you only get chocolate and blockers it will be too much of a challenge.
First collect the keys as quickly as possible, then match the mystery candies and see what you get.
Try not to collect all the extra time candies at once as the timer never goes above 25 seconds so they are wasted if you get too many at once, best if you can just get them one or two at a time and make matches elsewhere.
Below is a video played on mobile. It may be easier to pass level 1068 on mobile as the player seemed to get a lot more extra time candies falling than I do on PC.


  1. Tried to play this level on PC and mobile. Reaction time too slow to score enough points.
    Then did want had done on previous timed levels. Used tablet, pressed play then used both hands to play. Bada Bing, done on the first try.On to the next one.

  2. Do not end the game before the cascading stops. I only had 11,000 points after time ran out . Then got 60,000 more points to advance after the cascading

  3. Can't pass this level. I'm ready to give up on candy crush. :( I've tried everything, and used all my saved-up sprinkle bombs, etc. 25 seconds is not enough time! I don't even come close. Only once did I reach 60,000 out of more attempts than I can count. Is this the end? :(

  4. I cannot win level 1068 on my PC. I log into my husbands I-pad with my FB account, but his Candy cRush level always comes up-no mine.
    I give up. Also, when I checked out hints, level 1068 came up as needing
    only 60,000 points and 40 seconds. (mine is 75,000 points and 25 seconds) I can't do it.
    Please advise>...

  5. Not earning any boosters, no clock running to tell me when I can?

  6. Almost impossible on a Mac too. Pressing frantically and it does;t register fast enough. My small revenge is that when it asks me to give extra lives, I never do so for the fictitious ones stuck on Level 1. Come on! That's harder than winning this level!

  7. This is the stupidest level ever. Every time I have a chance I get a bomb that I can't get to. Been several weeks now. I'm so done with this game

  8. Was getting nowhere and hadn't even unlocked all the candies but at the last second I had two sprinkles and they took the score to 80k when the time ran out.

  9. On a Mac, once the extra-time candies are destroyed, they never appear again. The animations go so slowly, they easily eat up 15+ seconds, as the clock continues running while every candy explodes outside of the player's control. There is no way to pass this level.

  10. If you blow up all the 5 second bombs in one go you only get five seconds. Try blowing them up individual and you get more time.

  11. What's really crumby is that the clock keeps ticking even when the candies are being destroyed. Seems like clock should stop till you can actually make a move...hate the timed games...

  12. I think the secret to this one is getting a bomb and sprinkle ball together. This gives a massive score.

    I got a lucky board and was able to combine them twice which gave a score of over 100 thousand points with still time on the clock.

    Hope this helps somebody.

  13. Now it is 35 Seconds on PC, but i hate this stresslevels. And we don't get ekstra time on PC as on tablets.


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