Candy Crush Saga Level 1429

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1429 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
The ingredients fall down from the dispensers every 4 moves but you don't need to worry too much about which dispenser they fall from. What you do need to worry about is not making a move that will allow the fruit to get stuck on the ledges on the left and right of the board, see shaded squares in the image below.

If your ingredients get into any of the shaded squares you will have a hard job moving them back into play. You can use hand boosters if needed, but much better to keep them out of there in the first place.
Clear some cream blockers to give you space to work then clear at least one of the cake bombs. There is no need to clear both as long as you can either keep the fruit on the conveyor, or get all four down one side of the board.
If you have all the fruit one side of the board clearing one cake bomb will collect all 4, but if some has fallen down the other side you will have to clear both cakes.
Video below
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  1. Geez Louise! These are the hard levels? 1st try, 17 moves left. Three stars is gonna be tough on this one!

  2. Not finding this the same walk in the park as GhettoRedneck above, more's the pity. Down to one several times, but can't close the deal. Better luck to all.

  3. Nope not easy at all. Tried several times and ended up using 2 hand switches to get the last 2 fruit down. Had to get rid of both cakes as 3 of my fruit fell off the conveyor. Good luck everyone!

  4. I must have been lucky, then. I got it first time with the help of two hand switches - one to make a vertical stripe to finish off the cake, the other to move the final fruit off the conveyor.

  5. Your best bet is to make moves on one side only. I used a coconut wheel to open up a path. Had to use 2 hammers on last 2 pieces of the wheel & fruit fell thru with a few more moves on the one side. NC

  6. Used a coconut wheel and I must have gotten 9 of them during the course of the game so it was easy to get the pans out. Had one fruit on a ledge, but with many moves left I was just patient until I could move it over. Don't like to waste those hand switches. JS

  7. Back on 1/7 I ended up using a hammer to pass. I've played since to see if it's doable without boosters. Many tries later, I was sent a very lucky board and had something like 17 remaining moves. It's the arbitrariness that's so annoying. Good luck all.

  8. I found this very difficult getting one fruit stuck on the ledge. Even clearing the cakes very difficult.

  9. Not an easy level. Just started it yesterday evening. Hard to keep the fruit out of those problem areas. OFF TOPIC: my 'pathway' levels are all flashing blue, I have to keep reloading to get it back to normal. Play, then back to flashing blue they go. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

  10. Nasty level. Trying to get things in the right place at the right time is proving a nightmare for me.


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