Candy Crush Saga Level 1444

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1444 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
only 30 moves to clear all the jelly and 6 colours on the board to make it that bit harder.
The good side is that there are 4 colour bombs waiting to be used as soon as you collect the keys to unlock them.
The biggest headach are the bombs, if you can't match them they will kill the game and they are not always easy to match with so many colours and a restricted board to begin with.
The best solution is to try to unlock the colour bombs as soon as possible so they can be used to clear bombs, or just to unlock more colour bombs.
Once you get the colour bombs working the rest is fairly straightforward.
There are not many moves to spare and I found that I failed more from not having enough moves that from the bombs.
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  1. Easiest "Hard" level so far.

    1. By far and it was fun. I actually switched the two bottom.left sprinkles then two separate ones on stripes.

  2. I was surprised to pass this on my first go, especially since I had no idea what I was doing. That's OK, I'll take it.

  3. Hardly a hard layer as I got it on my first try, though it took until the last move to get "sugar crush." What really helped was when unlocking the colour bombs to not use them until the second one of a pair was unlocked. Then I swapped the two, and I did the same with the second pair. Each time, that got rid of a layer of cream and jelly, and cleared the bombs too. The easiest way to make this level is to try to use both pairs of colour bombs with each other for maximum effect.

  4. Yes, an easy level - I can't think why Kkng says it's hard. First try!
    Switching the colour bombs is definitely the right way to deal with the level.

  5. Why am I not finding this to be a easy fun level 😕

  6. I'm not finding this easy at all. Can't control the bombs enough... Maybe King saw all the "easy" comments and went back in to make it harder :-/

  7. Okay, after posting I wasn't finding this fun, I beat the level the very next time. I did wait using the first color boom until I got the second uncovered on one side, used them together and did the same with the other side. Then I used a hand switch with one move left as I had one jelly to go and no moves to get it. It wasn't a fun level. I'm never a fan of the bombs.

  8. Very enjoyable explode chocolate bombs as soon as they form.

  9. If you want to use a booster, this may help. If not, good luck.
    The booster is the speckled choc. bomb.
    I'm on an iPad, so I can keep "going back" until I had a board with 2 keys of the same color on the same side of the board.
    Once I had that, say 2 reds keys, I'd hit a red candy with the choc. bomb opening the locked squares with choc. bombs in them. They are next to each other so I put them together, doing a good deal of damage. Then just concentrate on hitting the other keys.
    I had tried to do this without the booster many many times, but I couldn't even get close. I'm with everyone else who said it wasn't easy.
    And, I have over 50 of the bombs. I get them by playing games with sugar drops.
    Good luck!

  10. How do you" go back" to get another board on iPad?

  11. Excited for y'all up there! I'm not getting anywhere on this one!


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