Candy Crush Saga Level 1491

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1491 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
1491 is a pretty straight forward level.  You have 35 moves to get 55 blockers, 2 chocolate bombs and 15 striped candies.  There are plenty of extra blockers, you only need to get through the top 3 rows max to meet that goal.  Hardest part will be the chocolate bombs but you have a nice big play area to make them in  so I would focus on them.  Try to mix a chocolate bomb with a striped candy and your done.   
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All the blockers you need are on the board so work your way down towards the bottom of the board, looking out for your colour bombs on the way.
The easiest way to get the stripes is with a colour bomb/stripe combo, but with so many colours on the board this is easier said than done!
The colour bombs will get easier to make as you clear space on the board.
If you want to get three stars on level 1491 you will need to make lots of colour bombs but NOT switch them with a stripe.
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  1. I'm really struggling with level. No comments so guess I'm the only one having a problem :( These levels aren't available on my mobile yet so having to play on my pc

  2. No, you're not the only one. I'm having trouble, also. I can't make a can't make a chocolate bomb to save my life. Then, if I'm lucky enough to have one drop down, I can't get it next to a stripe. Guess I'll have to wait for the lucky board. :(

  3. yeah just another sucky level. I am getting tired of these. even with boosters I can't make it work. I am tired of just waiting til the game decides i get to move on.

  4. Check mark gets the sprinkles

  5. Easy today(Wednesday) king is giving away free chocolate bombs boosters

  6. Thanks JV - check booster did the trick!

  7. Checked mystery booster and done 😃

  8. Hi all. No need to waste a checkmark.

    2nd try no boosters. Easy one here. Got 2 color sprinkles together. Specials easy to come by and clear board.

    Easy one. Gl

  9. Third attempt. Chocolate bombs most difficult to get once you have those pretty straightforward.

  10. I can't get free boosters from candies anymore. What happened?

  11. Why is this mot labeled as DIFFICULT? These type levels are getting to be 3 or 4 in a row besides the ones you have labeled as difficult. You have certainly taken the fun of playing out of the game.

  12. If you get hung up trying to get the color bombs, use one of the boosters with the check marks on it (I have no idea what it's called). When matched they turn into color bombs.

  13. I used a tick and it didn't give me a single sprinkle, just stripes and blocks. finished level with 5 extra moves and 2 handswitches (needed to make sprinkles)

  14. Played a couple weeks now on this one and always the same results.
    I refuse to sink money in this game.....its definitely rigged anyway.


  15. I tried several times but could not make a Colour Bomb, and only made a few stripes. Finally I took a Colour Bomb and a Lucky (check mark) from the Boosters I won yesterday and was able to complete the level with 3 Stars. It seems that the only way to pass a level is to play levels for Sugar Drops, get Boosters, and use the Boosters to pass the level. I have quite a collection of Fish, but would prefer to win Hammers or Switches. Good luck to all and thanks for all the tips.


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