Candy Crush Saga Level 1554

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1554 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1554 is a timed level so if you are not a fast player this can be tricky.
I usually play slowly so find timed levels quite difficult, but I managed to score 3 stars on this level, so that should encourage anyone to give it a go.
You need to collect the extra time candies to keep the game moving, but you don't want to collect too many at one time as the timer will never go past 25 seconds so if you collect too many they will be wasted.
Take a second or two to look at the board before you move as you need to be looking for special candies and combos. The more you can get the candies cascading the more extra time candies will fall into play apart from the ones already on the board.
If you are having trouble with this, or any other, timed level try reading our page on beating timed levels and see if it helps.
Most important of all....Don't Panic!..
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  1. I never do blogs but am so tired of these timed games that I had to weigh in. In this game you can actually get 30,000 points by starting the game and then letting the time go by and initiating candy crush. Yet if you play really hard, you will be hard-pressed to do that well.
    Like many of the games before this, you need a lucky board and will spend much time waiting for more lives and then blowing through them quickly.

    1. That is what I did, used a couple moves to open up the candy on the right side and then let the time run out....

  2. That's a good one Medford. I'm sure they will change that before it is released on tablets and phones :)

  3. Seems very easy to me. Clear at first try with good tips given here.

  4. Definetely was an easy one.

    But Im not complaining! Haha.


  5. If you have a bonus one in your armoury, start this level with a chocolate sprinkle and you're almost certain to pass it!
    That's what I did and it worked for me.

  6. Quite tricky you need to work on the rhs side to get +5 seconds AND release the +5 on the lhs at the same time. Look for combinations all the time. Took ten attempts.

  7. To the person who is pretending to be "Cat, CC from Vero, Van5 and Sharon" you have given yourself away big time!!!! They all play on mobile and couldn't have been playing these levels yet because they aren't available yet. SO GET LOST!

  8. Hi all. Despise the timed levels big time but managed just a tick over the required 40,000 points on my 1st attempt. 1 star but Ill take it! Good luck all!

  9. Hate timed levels, but I've seen worse. Worked right side and only looked left when I ran out of right side moves. Should have checked left more, but got very lucky anyway on second try. Good luck.

  10. Timed levels a pain!

    But managed starting from the right side of tgis level.

    Got a lucky board too.

  11. I tried not moving anything and waiting - got 15000 points from the left hand side. So, I played trying to keep as much as possible to the rhs, and got it in a couple of tries. Remember also to spread out the 5+ points, because the timer only stock up to 30 seconds.

  12. I also tried the not moving only get big points for bombs that are not the ones in cages

  13. got this on third try. hate timed levels, but they give you a lot of plus 5s and it's relatively easy to make combos

  14. I too hate timed levels. I was surprised to get this on the first try. I must say it was easier than the normal timed levels. This time I just played slowly using options on the right hand side then when there weren't any moves I used the left hand side. I got a sprinkle and used it on what looked like the most colour candy, as that gets better points? ok if you manage to unlock some 5's but at the same time play trying to use combo's if you can.

    Good luck everybody.

  15. What's with all the timed levels now? I really hate them because my mind goes totally blank.

  16. Now you have to get 40000. Ugh! Hate these. Although I got 36000 on my first try. Haven't gotten close to that since!

  17. Posting for luck... started with sparkle booster and got to 31,000 because no additional plus 5's fell. Are the ones on the board the only ones we get?

  18. first try, played hard but only got 10,000 points. second try used a sprinkle, played until only a few seconds left and then used sprinkle on a colour that refilled my 25 seconds and gave over 10000 points in one go. once over 40000 target I relaxed and finished with another sprinkle that appeared and added another 20000 and got 3 stars. These seem to be the game changers.

  19. Got it NBU. Been playing for a few days,not as long as 1538(month and a half, but scored with 765,000 !!). Stopped playing with strategy of working to the right, just basic going for more time and looking for combos. Hit candy crush with two CB'S, and finished with over 59,000.

  20. Seriously another timer already cc just got over the last one come on must this game alittle bit fun


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