Candy Crush Saga Level 1591

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1591 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Allina Rumfelt
1591 Candy Crush Saga is a clear the jelly level.  You have 26 moves to clear a ton of jelly.  
There are more locked jars on this board so you need to collect  all 5  keys  first and the  key dispensers are at very inconvenient places, far left and far right with one in the middle.   
You have to make a match underneath the dispenser to get a key to drop.  If you can't do that then the board stays locked up too long and you will run out of moves.  There can be limited moves to get them so you just have to do the best you can.   There are 5 colors on the board so making special candies and combos takes some effort but once the board opens up it is a big enough play area to do so.  You do get a "free chocolate bomb" ,  once the marmalade is removed, try to match it with a stripe.   
I don't care for the chocolate ball and fish combo,  it really doesn't do much to clear the jelly - stripes are better.   If you match a chocolate bomb with the same color as the wrapper locked up on the lower right hand corner it will open up that area for you.  
There is one jelly on the lower left hand side of the board that is super hard to get too - so IF at all possible, save a fish for that one.  There is jelly underneath these blockers so that lower right hand corner needs some work too.  
Fish and stripes or wraps were also good combos to make. 
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  1. No comments? This one is a fukin bitch!!!

  2. My only hint for this would be to match a striped candy with a sprinkle ball.....hopefully there is a lot of that colour to clear out most of the jelly. Took me less than a day to master it, coming close a few times without using my hint but the striped candy and sprinkle ball did it for me.

  3. Was lucky. Had a couple of color bombs, each time matched it with the wrapped candy in lower right corner. That opened up that area. Also was lucky to get a striped/wrapped combo.

  4. I must have been so lucky, cleared it first time. YAAAAYYYYYY

  5. Hard???? 1st attempt, no boosters!!
    'Hard' level before this.. 3rd attempt, no boosters ????

  6. You only need to clear one cake. Don't worry about both

  7. And the trolls on CC mom did it on one try😂😂😂 the names Dennis and Silvie, haha what a Joke !

  8. No level for me! So i stop for a while! Focus on my other, not kingsize, games!👍


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