Candy Crush Saga Level 1657

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1657 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1657 Candy Crush Saga can be a fun level as there are only 5 colours so making colour bombs and other special candies is fairly easy.
You need to collect all the keys from the bottom row and these will unlock more candies and also countdown bombs at the top, but don't let the bombs worry you, they are easy to remove and will give you nice high scores.
The biggest problem with level 1657 is running out of moves as you don't have many to spare. You will need some powerful combos to beat this one.
A colour bomb booster is a good booster to use if you need it.
Video below.
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  1. No need the worry about the bombs, easy to get. Get the keys on bottom 1st. Color bomb and bombs are big points. 3rd try.

    1. All you did is repeat what ms cookie said in her blog.You adied nothing.Do you even play?

  2. How come the Bill there in level 1656 on 24th April but in 1657 on 23 April. Says 3rd try. We are fooled.

  3. Real Bill. 2nd try. Used fish booster. Helped get keys quickly. Bombs give good points as well. Gl

  4. The real Bill from UK colour not color as above. I just wish they would push off. Second attempt clear the keys not difficult compared to the last level.

  5. Real Bill. Trouble here. The bombs can shive off.

  6. Thought the first two levels of this episode were easy with a fish booster.. First and second tries. Thank goodness for the good tips...whoever posts them. JS

  7. Fish booster definitely a help on last 2 levels

  8. Fairly easy one here gang. Focus on key collection asap. After the keys are collected the only remaining issue at hand is the dastardly bombs!

  9. This was not an easy level for me. Had 2 hours free and played for almost all of it. Then used fish and sprinkle booster. Took two more tries. Laurie

  10. To be honest level 1657 is a difficult level, the next level 1658 is a super difficult level! For me, like million others stop this level, so fed up with this game! Its time to focus on other games! Thank god they are not kingsize games��I don't understand why the ask me to play other king size game! I wont and i never Will, so please stop asking me!!!!!

  11. So CC congratielation, i stop playing this game at level 1658. Good work👍 You lose another player of the million you lost already; although.... i think you don't care. Your not for the players, your just being for yourself. I hope people realise that and boycot your game!!!!!

  12. After two years i am fed up playing Candy crush saga! Level 1658 is not to do. So, i decide not playing it anymore. After Trying level 1658 for weeks make me realise to pla another: and its a not kingsize game! So CC go on i wish you luck, but luck Will not at your Side!


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