Candy Crush Saga Level 1689

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1689 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You will need to unlock some of the chocolate dispensers at the bottom fairly early in the game to give them time to spawn out the chocolate that you need.
Hit them with stripes or stripe/wrap combos and wait for the chocolate to appear.
Don't waste your combos if there is no chocolate, save them until they will be useful.
The licorice should drop enough for you to collect what you need.
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  1. Tintin 1 here. Trying to get the chocolate is driving me nuts....not getting nearly enough.

  2. Tintin 1 again. I think it is best to work on the right side of the board where possible. When you make combos on the left side they are past the popcorn, so useless for that, or past the squares at the bottom. If you make combos on the right side they are more usable as they slide along the conveyer belt. Also, be aware that you actually need to break the crates right along the bottom. It took me a while to realise this.

    1. Does'nt take a rocket scientist to figure out to make moves from the right to left hun. Considering BOTH conveyors move that direction.

    2. Wow. Really? These are good tips. Stop being an A-hole.

  3. Impossible level. (Except for Cookie, of course.) I gave up and used boosters.

  4. I found it best to not make getting rid of the popcorn my biggest priority. The combos necessary to hit the tin and then the chocolate took care of the popcorn. For me the biggest problem was getting through to the chocolate spinners early so that I had enough time to let the chocolate form and destroy it. I kept coming up short 3 or 4 pieces of chocolate. I finally did it without boosters. I actually found this to be an enjoyable level because you can use strategy. There is opportunity to make special candies and let them drop onto one of the conveyor belts and use them as needed. Also I didn't find that I had a ton of cascades accidentally blowing things up so I could actually plan moves. I didn't get three stars but I had fun playing and it's a level I would come back to (assuming I ever get to the 'waiting room')

  5. Finding collecting the chocolate order impossible 😕

  6. I used a tick which always seemed to make chocolate and after popcorn it was easy, didn't have to use lower half.

  7. all ...but one licorice needed to fall

  8. Dalejrfan88 here....don't really have any tips to give, but just to concentrate before every move. I got this one on first try, and that is very rare for me.

  9. Had to use check/tick mark a couple of times and just barely made it. Also sprinkle stripe combo helps the most I feel. With the check booster, I didn't want it to make a popcorn so I concentrated on getting rid of the popcorn and then it didn't make any but made licorice which I needed.


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