Candy Crush Saga Level 1717

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1717 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1717 is an orders level, you have to collect:
3 stripe/wrap combos
4 wrapped candies
4 striped candies.
As you can see, if you get the three combos you will have most of the orders you need, so concentrate on getting the combos and the other stripes and wraps will take care of themselves.
Look carefully at the board to begin with to see how best to open it up in the fewest moves to give you space to work. You can't afford to waste too many moves on clearing marmalade before you can begin making your combos.
If you have too many specials on the board, especially wraps, switch them to get rid of them or they will likely blowup any stripes you are trying to get next to them. You need to keep the specials to what you need.
The odd colour bomb is useful for getting rid of a colour, which will make it easier to make the other specials. You can also use a colour bomb to get your combos together by removing a candy that is separating them.
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  1. Am finding this one extremely difficult. Can get most of ingredients but am always short of stripe/wrap. Think these are the hardest to make. Any suggestions.

  2. I guess I got lucky. 2nd try, it all fell into place, and I finished with 14 moves remaining. Only one star though.

  3. Used the check mark booster and it took no time to get the combos.

  4. Get stripe and wrap together and they also count for the individual targets. Only took about 6 games.

  5. It is almost impossible to collect the stripe/wrap combo's!
    How did you do this?? Please give me tips!

    1. Many combos are made with candies in the jelly. Look closely every move.

    2. Many combos are made with candies in the jelly. Look closely every move.

  6. Definitely a check mark booster friendly round. I have close to a hundred of the damn things stock piled, so decided to throw one at this level. First try, absolutely no problem. Fun !

    Rob in Banner Elk, NC

  7. Oh this is just pissing me off. Everything blows up before I can use them, no matter what I do.

  8. This is a hard one. Can't seem to get the combo's.

  9. Hate these rigged levels when the combos explode for no reason before you get a chance to play them.

  10. Is 7 a magic number because no matter what I do that's the amount of jellies I'm left with.

  11. As stated above the combos either explode of you get absolutely nothing to match them with, can't get any where near this come on cc give me a lucky board.

  12. Always get the striped/wrapped candies when the moves run out, typical! Sort this out cc need more moves or make this game more enjoyable.

  13. This game is most certainly rigged, just played at the game completely froze hence I lost the chance to get through. What is going on with candy crush, to many clitches, needs sorting pronto if you want people to carry on playing this game.

  14. Stuck on this level for days. Don't waste boosters on this level. Finally got the lucky board. Boom! 7 moves left and three stars


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