Candy Crush Saga Level 1749

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1749 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
The easiest way to collect the stripes is using a colour bomb/stripe combo. It is possible to make all the stripes, but will use a lot of moves which you can't really spare.
There is no need to unlock all the chocolate to collect what you need as it will grow once you unlock it, so just unlocking 2 or 3 sections of chocolate should give you the 12 you need if you allow it to grow a bit.
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  1. Begin with a color bomb and a stripe/wrap booster. Reset your board until the color bomb and stripe are side by side, so you can switch them together. That will give you a huge advantage toward winning this one.

    1. The idea of these tips is to complete levels WITHOUT boosters!

  2. After going through the previous almost impossible to solve levels, found an easy one or I just have a lucky board. I was able to complete the level without boosters with 18 moves to spare.

  3. I wouldn't waste boosters on this one. Not difficult. JS

  4. Easy??
    Not possible without a color bomb booster!

  5. What is it with people constantly saying "reset your board"? What exactly does this mean. I play on a PC and there is no re-setting your board unless you just click on the quit icon.

  6. Thought there would have been more comments on here. This is a nasty level. Just wait gor the lucky board i guess.

  7. It's amazing to me that someone could reach this level and not know how to reset the board yet. So here is what is meant by reset your board. In Candy Crush, if you don't like the way the board looks, you can hit quit without losing any games. This is unlike Soda Crush in which you would lose the game. Anyway, if you use a color bomb and a stripe/wrapped combo as a booster, you can keep resetting the board until the candy bomb and the stripe are side by side. By making this your first move, you get a big headstart on completing the level.

  8. Bad information was given by the poster who tried to explain how to 'Reset the board.' You will lose a life by hitting your 'quit' button when playing on a PC. However, when playing on an Android device, you can quit before making any moves without losing a life.

  9. Sounds like you need a color bomb and stripes- no such luck 😢. Maybe a lucky board will help 😊

  10. Go to the site Candy crush mom! They have only two players, Silvie and Dennis , the trolls?������ on this site , last comment August 2016. No players anymore? CC you wake me up!!! Its all fake!


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