Candy Crush Saga Level 1792

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1792 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 2 ingredients, which come from the locked dispenser on the left side of the board.
First you need to collect the keys to unlock the ingredients and if ypou use combos to do this you will also clear some of the candies from the left side of the board, which will helpo the ingredients to fall faster to the exit.
The second ingredient will fall down on or after move 11, as long as there is space for it to fall, ie. you need to either match the candies in the left side or hit them with a combo to allow the second ingredient to fall.
Timing is crucial to get the ingredients out of the exit, you need to clear candies under the conveyor when the fruit is above the exit column so it can fall down off the conveyor.
Stripes and stripe/wrap combos placed correctly will do the job.
If you are struggling with level 1792 you could try using a coconut wheel booster.
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Anonymous said...

Yet another level on Ipad only 22 moves vs 28 on pc.

RdG said...

It's much harder than it looks with 22 moves on the Ipad. First you have to collect the 2 keys to unlock the 3rd key at the bottom right. Then you have to collect it to unlock the 4th key on the bottom left before the 1st cherry drops, provided there is a space. The 2nd cherry won't fall until the 1st cherry has exited. Doing all of this is almost impossible in 22 moves. What I did was start with a coconut shell and reset until it is on the 4th or 3rd row on the left. By rolling it down collects the 2 candies outright and cleared one layer of blockers on the 1st 2 rows. I still have to use a hand switch and a hammer to complete it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, use the wheel on iPad and reset until it's in a column where it can do the most damage to the bottom row. It took a couple tries to get the lucky board and I was able to finish it off with no other helpers. Carol the elder

Anonymous said...

Use the coconut wheel & reset until it is in position to open up bottom keys. Then others will fall to help fruit to fall. I still had to use a hand switch & 1 hammer to get the last fruit out. NC

And said...

I felt this one as very difficult and had really no clue. Played 100 of times on Android. Wasted many Cocowhels etc.
Never watch videos but reading comments here.
And usually it's enough and big help.

Started to quit early in the games and played yet an other hopeless game.

Got a lot of of Combos wrapped/stripe. A couple of moves left no ingredients delivered or even.
I played fast and by coincidence I obviously erased most of the colors and in last combo hit. They Keyes where unlocked and the 2 fruits fell out.
Really don't like delivery stuff.
Gladly waste most of my collected stuff on them.

Anonymous said...

And yes....again an impossible level!!

Anonymous said...

Horrible level, not even one ingredient, pfffff

JH2 said...

Very frustrating level - finally completed on iphone with no boosters - got a couple of striped/wrap combos which cleared the left side as well as getting the keys. Fruit fell with only 1 move left but because it was all clear, they just fell right down!

Anonymous said...

So, I spend all weekend trying to get past this level. Then, finally, I get all the keys, and have a color bomb next to a stripe. I switch them with three turns left ...and.. it works! Both ingredients go down and out the exit, YAY!!!! ....but wait, I am confused... the game won't end, there are still two turns left, so, I of course, waste them. Then, the fucking faggot genie tells me that I still "have just one ingredient left" and offers me their bullshit fucking fake coins (that i hope no one is dumb enough to buy). Fuck you, King!

Anonymous said...

Only 22 moves. Which is nit enough to pass this level. Once again King discriminate those of us playing on mobile. Getting over this.

didueverdoubtme said...

I got this 3rd attempt! This was not hard at all. One hand switch to get final fruit down. Amazes me the whining i this level why would you want it to be easy!!

Anonymous said...

Omg! Bla bla bla! I hate your impossible levels! So boring!!!

Suzie O said...

Used coconut wheel booster and more came and I was able to finish.

Anonymous said...

Wasting coconut wheels on this horrid level. You are never going to pass until late cc decides you can and gives you a board to let it happen. We just keep getting sacked into believing it's about some form of skill....nope, just dumb luck that we get a good board finally. In the meantime this one is as boring as hell after the first 20 attempts,but you sure as won't get anymore money from me!!!!!!